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December 20, 2013  •  2 Comments

An Art Exhibition in Redmond Library.

I’m a big fan of landscape and travel photography, but a few years back, I discovere ... too far... too far d an e-book called “Close to Home.” The premise of the book is that given time, we are most apt and creative at photographing our nearby environment.

“It is possible to create something original or different, something out of the ordinary in your own back yard… the extraordinary is everywhere, you only have to stop for a moment and look deeply into the world around you.”

In late 2012, I participated in a photo competition for the Redmond Library, with the task of photographing local landmarks. I guess someone noticed. After discussing with the library management, they agreed to display some of my pictures and we decided on a local theme “Idylwood Beach Park,” a Redmond park located in my vicinity

I’ve amassed a large collection of pictures from my neighborhood, more specifically from Idylwood beach. It’s been tough selecting ten pictures for display. After consideration, I chose the ones that allowed for easy identification of the park while maintaining harmony and Pink reflectionsPink reflections coherence among the images. They were printed on canvas wrap by the same provider I use for my customer orders. They will be on display January 6-March 31, at the Redmond Regional Library (15990 NE 85th St, Redmond, WA 98052). I hope you will enjoy seeing them!


Félicitations ! A quand une expo à Draguignan (après Lyon) ?
A quand une expo à LYON ?
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