Photo Session with Kevin

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Kevin has two passions: football and philosophy! 

"American football has been a passion it is what has driven me to become what I am today: I would say it taught me my respect for those older than me to understand what kind of person I should be. 

Philosophy is new but so amazing! everything I learn fascinates  me getting to know the thoughts of others being able to question what we call our society as they did their it is one of my hobbies to dress with suits"

Interlake Senior Photography

Kevin has many uncommon hobbies. One of them is to wear suits and ties. And no doubt that he wears them well!

He love Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima, and all music from the 40s-60s!

Kirkland Senior portrait Kirkland Senior photography

Kevin dreams to travel the world and learn about societies while studying native herbal medicines. Kirkland Photography - Interlake Senior

When he is not reading, working or writting poetry, Kevin is practicing and watching a lot of sport. After Football, his favorite sport is Soccer, his favorite team being the Real Madrid. He tries to watch 4 games per week! When he plays with his team they are using the jerseys of major European soccer teams.

Of course, he knew that I coud not resist a picture of him with the O.M. (Marseille, my hometown) jersey, the jersey his team plays with! Interlake Soccer Senior - Kirkland Photography

Having Kevin in my studio was awesome! And yes, boys too can have fun during a senior photo session!  


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