The Benefits of software simulation

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Simulation? what for?

Hanging a portrait on wall is easy with the ready-to-hang portraits we produce, but choosing the right size, and the right position is somewhat harder. Traditionally, it is hard to figure if things will be too small or too big until you receive the print.

Then, after a first disappointment of having under or overestimated the size, you have to decide exactly you are going to do with your portraits. And obviously you cannot plant nails in your wall until you find the right place. This is not too hard with one image, but with 3? with 5? 9? You got the point. You better figure it out BEFORE starting to hang your images!

That's exactly why offer a FREE computer based simulation, to create a realistic view of your wall, before ordering your prints!

This a short before after of the wall of my studio:

Software Simulation Left sideSimulation Left side

And then this is the final results with the actual prints:

Actual wallActual wall with prints

How does it work?

To be able to do a simulation, we need a picture of the wall, with just 1 letter-size paper sheet taped to the wall horizontally. A cell phone picture is good enough for that purpose. The sheet will give us a sense of scale.

Initial photo of the wall with paper taped on the wallInitial photo of the wall with paper taped on the wall

Then with a software we'll simulate what we want to accomplish.

Simulation 1Simulation 1

We can explore multiple alternatives, until satisfaction

Simulation 2Simulation 2

Only then, we start preparing the prints and launch the order.

When you receive the prints, you won't have a bad surprise, as the wall will look precisely like what your simulation looks like. Of course you may do some final minor last minute adjustments :) 

Final layout with actual photos hangedFinal layout with actual photos hanged

Interested by this free service?

It's simple. Before (preferably) or after your initial consultation, take a photo of your wall with a paper taped on the wall, like above, and send it to us by email or text! And we'll make some simulations during the Selection appointment.


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