{Kirkland Senior Photography} Divya

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Divya is an International Highschool student in Bellevue, WA who came last quarter. She likes listening to rap, hip hop.and all electronic music. And she loves doing shopping with her friends!

Senior Photo in the park  - by Kirkland Photographer Pierre Pensive image of a High School seniorPensive image of a High School senior

Divya likes wearing casual clothes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time, perfect for outdoors. She tends to add accessories to her outfits such as watches, bracelets, and/or earrings.

Photo of an International High School senior in the park!Bellevue High School senior Beautiful young women looking back - Photographed in Kirkland

 Since it was a nice winter, she also adds jackets and boots and even hats. She definitely likes wearing all different kinds of attire, casual and sometimes fancy.

Serious pose in a Black & White image - Kirkland Photo studioSerious pose in a Black & White image - Kirkland Photo studio International High School (Bellevue,WA) senior seated by the chair in our Kirkland StudioHigh School senior seated by the chair in our Kirkland Studio

Divya is most passionate about swimming and cheerleading, competitively, and wanted some photos with her cheerleading attire, with some action shots! Here is one of them:

Interlake Cheerleader jump - DivyaInterlake Cheerleader jump - DivyaCheerleader Senior making a jump to cheer the photgrapher :)

Her favorite quote?: "Clean thoughts, clean speech, clean habits; work hard, play fair" by Prof Rogers.


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