Tween Portraits: The bakers (part 2)

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After some fun but classical pictures, we had to try something completely different.

The boys went to change clothes, and enjoyed a well deserved break watching a cartoon in our Sofa room while I prepared the studio for something unusual. I spread everywhere some painter plastic drop sheets, including on the walls (except the one we used for background,) and move the lights a bit further away from the action.

We started with a "before" pictures

photo of two older children in Kirkland20150213-_DSC6222

And then we brought the flour!

Photography of two kids having fun - Kirkland Photography20150213-_DSC6228

It did not take long before turning into a flour fight

Kirkland Photographer - Portrait of a child under flourKirkland Photographer / Neville - Jackson - 2120150213-_DSC6262

Kirkland Photographer / Neville - Jackson - 19Kirkland Photographer / Neville - Jackson - 1920150213-_DSC6242

The kids had a blast. Something they always wanted to do when baking, but never dared to!

I was happy to have protected everything, including the caremara! One piece of advice: Do NOT try this at home :)

     Kirkland Tween Photography / Flour fightKirkland Photographer / Neville - Jackson - 20   

We now had to finish with a few "after" pictures!

Kirkland Photographer - After - child portraitKirkland Photographer20150213-_DSC6277 Kirkland Photography - after - preadolescent portraitKirkland Photographer20150213-_DSC6278

It made a great addition to the session's album...

Kirkland Photographer - Session albumKirkland Photographer20150319-_DSC7471

which compliments the beautiful pictures chosen for the canvases.

Kirkland Photographer - Session album and canvasKirkland Photographer20150319-_DSC7473


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