A portrait is a story to be remembered, in the good times and bad times.
A portrait is a confidence building tool for children.
A portrait is a shared emotion that strengthen family bonds.
A portrait is about to pressing the “pause” button, and say thank you for what you have and who you are.
A portrait is an investment in your future.

Session Fee:

The session fee covers the initial consultation, the photo session itself and a selection of 20 to 40 hand-picked color corrected images presented in a private slideshow during the ordering consultation. A 90 minute Session uniquely designed for your family/senior starts at $290. 

Product Pricing:

A large choice of prints and products, physical and digital, are available "à la carte", with NO minimum order.

As soon as you buy a wall display a gift item and a collectible item, you are actually building your own collection. Your saving will grow with your investment!

Clients typically invest a total of $800 to $2000 (+taxes) on their portrait session.


Check our process to understand how we'll work to make your experience outstanding!

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Toddler with a fireman jacketToddler with a fireman jacket