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What makes a successful Real Estate photo sessions?

1. Include one great picture of the immediate neighborhood. Location is important to buyers. You want to give them a good impression. 

2. In addition to the traditional straight on, purely functional picture from the front yard, Add at least one architectural picture that will show the character of the house.  

3. Photographing inside is a balance of light. While it's technically possible to recreate images that block outside light, a photo that let some light to come in let the prospective buyer that the house get natural light, while still giving some impressin of what is outside!

4. When you have a beautiful view, capture it from inside. Propesctive buyer will know that it's the real thing.

5. People invest a lot in bathroom. In addition to a general shot, Show a detail or 2 of a nice master bath will attract the buyer attention.

Bedroom images should be simple, and functional as showing the space. The buyer will likely give them a very different look, with different bed etc.

x. have an open door policy. A photo with the front door open will make the house more welcoming!

King County Individual Residential Unit:

One-level Condominium – no exterior:                    $200

House, Duplex:                                                    $250


Price includes:

  • One session of up to 75 minutes
  • Up to 22 (12 for condo) State of Art images, fully processed, ready to use, typically:
    • 2 Front Yard images
    • 2 Back Yard images
    • 7 living area images (Kitchen, Family room, Dining room, living room, Den….)
    • 1 Master bedroom images
    • 2 Master bathroom images
    • 1 image per addt’l bathroom, 1 image per additional bedroom/office (typically 5)
    • 1 Environment/neighborhood image
  • All images are delivered via a custom web gallery, with the ability to download all images with 2 clicks.
  • All Images are available in 24 hours during the week of the end of the shoot. E.g.For a shoot finished Mon. 5PM, you’ll get the images Tue 5PM: for a shoot Friday at 9 AM, you’ll get the images Monday 9 AM.  
  • License to use the images to sell or rent the house, on any media for 1 listing. Folrev Photography remain the owner of the copyrights.


Additional fees:

  • Rush Fee:  +20% for next business day morning delivery. Must be ordered at booking,
  • Weekend fee. Session may happen on week-ends for a $50 additional fee per visit:
  • Additional site visits for sunset/twilight/clear views etc: $75/additional visit
  • Special request Photoshop editing: $75/hour
  • Additional photos: $5/image
  • Travel over 30 min each way will be charged $10 per additional 15min. 

Payment by cash or check is due at the end of the shoot, and no later than the delivery date. Because we block 5 hours of our time for travel+ shoot + processing, we ask at least a 48 hours notice. 


All images are taken with a recent high-end Nikon dSLR, using professional prime lenses and/or pro zoom for the best quality. All interior pictures are taken on a tripod to ensure straight lines. We come with backup camera and lens to every session.

We use off camera Flashes plus image blending for natural looking, pleasant interiors and exterior pictures that communicate the character of the property, in addition to its capabilities.

Forlrev Photography is licensed and insured.