Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah: Blog en-us (C) 2009-2018 Folrev Photography | Issaquah Portrait Studio (Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) Wed, 03 Jan 2018 05:07:00 GMT Wed, 03 Jan 2018 05:07:00 GMT Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah: Blog 90 120 Farmer of the Year! Farmer's Almanac has been around since 1818, predicting weather for the year across the US. It defines itself today  as a "Time-tested and generations approved, the Farmers’ Almanac is a compendium of knowledge on weather, gardening, cooking, home remedies, managing your household, preserving the earth, and more." For their 200th Anniversary they had a competition to choose the 3 farmers of the year. And one of our "neighbors" won: Andrew Stout from Full Circle Farm in Carnation. 

I had the privilege to make an environmental portrait session with him for the publication. It was on one of those rainy early spring day we had this year. 

I really enjoyed meeting Andrew and working with Farmer's Almanac. It was certainly a bit different than other Environmental Executive portrait sessions, and a more challenging one, but a fun one indeed. Here are a few pictures from that session. 

Farmers's Almanach: Farmer of the year!Farmer of the Year

  Farmers's Almanach: Farmer of the year!Farmer of the Year       Farmers's Almanach: Farmer of the year!Farmer of the Year Farmers's Almanach: Farmer of the year!Farmer of the Year Farmers's Almanach: Farmer of the year!Farmer of the Year

If you want to know more about Farmer's Almanac, about Andrew Stout and his Farmer of the Year win, check this link:


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Are you ready for your senior year? _DSC7461_DSC7461


My daughter helped me on this one! She's a senior already! Make up and styling by herself :)


(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) girl issaquah portrait senior Thu, 24 Aug 2017 00:41:58 GMT
Family photography in Kirkland under drizzle

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland PhotographerWestern style family portrait

Families comes sometime a pet. In this session we had a sweet but old dog joining us. He was not very interrested by being in the pictures... Kirkland Portrait PhotographerPortrait of a child and her dog

  Family portrait in front of a barn in Kirkland,WAFamily portrait in front of a barn in Kirkland,WA Family portrait in KirklandFamily portrait in Kirkland

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland Portrait with flowers Black and white child portrait  PhotographerBlack and white child portrait PhotographerPortrait of a 8 year old girl

I like the colors of that retro gas pump. And then it's covered and protected from the rain!

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland PhotographerFamily portrait in a vintage gas station

Nothing beat a frank and honest laugh... when the rain started to fall...

Kirkland Family PhotographerKirkland Family PhotographerPortrait of happy family

(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) Kirkland family family photography family portraits kids portrait photography portrait Sat, 23 Jul 2016 18:45:00 GMT
Family photography in Kirkland A family portrait is always a great opportunity to celebrate your family, including your extended family!

3-generations family portrait3-generations family portrait

During summer or early fall, I really try to schedule the session early or late during the day for a better light. And this is much easier without young children. 

  Kirkland Photographer / Kid in a parkKirkland Photographer / Kid in a park Portrait of a Tween in a parkPortrait of a Tween in a park Portrait of a young teenagerPortrait of a young teenager

But here, a gray sky gave us some perfect light. One the best moment a family session is often when I have the chance to capture the siblings together, mixing static and dynamic shots.

Artistic portrait on a tree in KirklandArtistic portrait on a tree in Kirkland Portraits of Kids jumpingPortraits of Kids jumping3 siblings (teen, tween and child) jumping together in a Kirkland park

Having some action in a family is always fun complement, too.

Tween Photography- Kirkland, WATween Photography- Kirkland, WA   Walking family portrait in Kirkland,WAWalking family portrait in Kirkland,WA

And then, let's finish with my favorite family portrait of that day:

Family photography in KirklandFamily photography in Kirkland

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Senior photo session in Bellevue It's never too late to post about a great session from late last fall :)

Senior Portrait on Eastside Seattle,WA

When we first talk during the consultation, Paul explained me that he did not like what other's got for their Senior pictures. He was looking for something more fashion, as he is himself very much into fashion, as you can see with his red vest and his pink shoes!

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland PhotographerSenior with his "family"

This is my favorite picture. He just fit into the glass decor. The suit the hair, even the nice contrast of color between the green glass and the red jacket!

The next picture is the most fashion looking, while still being a portrait.

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland PhotographerHigh School senior with a red jacket The balance is not easy to find between a portrait that highlight the person and the fashion photo that highlight the clothes. The other pictures (all taken in Bellevue) mix some fashion elements with some more traditional "senior" pictures.

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland PhotographerSenior reflection (portrait)

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland Photographer20151005-_DSC0102 Kirkland PhotographerKirkland Photographer20151005-_DSC0139

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland Photographer20151005-_DSC0172 Kirkland PhotographerKirkland Photographer20151005-_DSC0148

It has been a real pleasure to work with this guy! And I wish him the best in his next adventures!

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland PhotographerOutdoor High School senior portrait with fall colors

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The 7 steps to a great profile picture (a.k.a Headshot) Your profile picture can be one of the most important elements of your LinkedIn presence. Linkedin tells us that just having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others! Yes 14 times! So having a photo is first step of social media presence! On Twitter the message is clear; if don’t have a profile photo, your avatar is an ‘egg’: you haven’t hatched into the social media world.   

From that profile picture (or lack of thereof) before anyone reads a single word of your profile, they've already formed an opinion of you.

That's because the first thing someone sees is your photo! We all saw those pictures of cats for profile, or photos with someone else in the picture. The worse is of course the creepy hand on the shoulder that belongs to someone else.

Your profile photography can also make the difference between someone reading through to your profile, or not. This is true for Linkedin, but equally true for any web profile, on twitter or on your company website.

But who's looking at your business profile anyway and why should you care? The simple answer is: Your Future!

Concretely, it is someone who wants to know more about you. So that might be a recruiter, but if you are recruiter or a hiring manager, a potential candidate. It might also be a future customer, a future business partner, a future co-worker, a business referral etc.  

You want a great profile picture for a positive impact on your future. So what is a great professional profile picture? It's a high quality photo that depicts who you are in a professional context, and only that.  This all goes back to branding: what do you want your contact (recruiter, client, partner...) to remember you by?

Remember: A profile picture is a portrait for people you don't know you well or at all. And as such, it follows different rules than a regular portrait.

So here are 7 steps to a great Social Media profile picture: Kirkland Studio Headshot on Dark BackgroundKirkland Studio Headshot on Dark Background

1. Have someone else take the picture

Repurposing a private picture is not a good idea. For example, let’s take your vacation photo. It can be tempting: You look relaxed, have a nice tan and a genuine smile. But is your personal brand about vacation, about wearing Hawaiian shirts? Also, you will rarely get a headshot from your vacations, so you’ll need heavy crop which may give poor quality.

Selfie does not work. They will always look cheap and unprofessional at best.

So, you’ll need someone who knows how to make a good portrait to do that for you with the specific intent of making a business headshot.

2. Be yourself

Have you ever had the experience of first seeing someone’s Facebook or LinkedIn picture online and then meeting them in person only to find that they look completely different (for better…or for worse)? If yes, you know it can be upsetting and even make you question their integrity.

So, make sure your LinkedIn profile picture is up-to-date (within the past few years) and reflects how you look on a daily basis – your hair, glasses, makeup, etc.

3. Wear what you’d wear to work

Wear clothes that match the level of dressiness at your office, Monday thru Thursday, just slightly better. If you work at a startup and wear sweatshirts every day, you should probably step it up a notch, but definitely not to the point of wearing a suit and a tie. Worn out tee-shirts and a tuxedos are never good ideas.  You don’t want to be over or underdressed.

 Remember to look like yourself, on your best day :) Female business business profile pictureFemale business Headshot

4. Choose the right expression

The right expression depends of your audience. But in general, in Linkedin, the best approach is "smile with your eyes" or smize. You want to appear warm, friendly and confident. You don’t have to wear a big goofy grin if that feels unnatural, but don’t look too serious or sad. Ideally, people will be able to imagine having a pleasant conversation with you.  You can always ask your photographer for advice.

If you are an active job seeker, you may want to use a professional but not a business headshot for your non-business social media presence (e.g. Facebook etc.) That would be the place to show that big goofy grin that your good friends know :)

5. Fill the frame with you face

No one cares about the third button down on your jacket. They aren’t likely to need to know what the top of your hair looks like. If they are scanning on their smart phone looking through photos of the 342 men named John Smith in the Seattle area on LinkedIn, they aren’t going to recognize you from the shot of you on the top of Mount Rainier. A profile picture is a headshot: cropped from just below the shoulders to no higher than just above your head. I even crop into the top of the head in many cases.

Of course for a website profile picture, you might be able to chose a wider crop (if you have a larger space), but don't go too wide. Again, in general people are interested by the most expressive parts of yourself: your face, and to a lesser extent your hands.

6. Choose a simple, plain, neutral background Young professional business headshotYoung professional

After you put all that effort into having the perfect expression, you don’t want anything to distract from your face. Keep the background simple so that you are the focal point. Black or white are my preferred choice, although there are many other options. A studio is perfect for that, because with great light and a choice of simple backdrops you'll get flattering images that focuses on you.

7. Stay away from over processing

It's perfectly feasible to bring you 10 or 20 years back with Photoshop if you are in your 50s. I've done that at customer request, but against my advice. I'm kind of repeating myself but remember it's all about looking like yourself, on your best day, currently! So, remove pimples: yes. Soften some wrinkles: yes. Remove permanent scars: no. Make you look 20 years younger: no.

Color or Black and White? Some people have strong opinion for or against either one. I don’t. I would say, go with Black and White only if you like it, and if it is consistent with your brand. For example, it might be more consistent with a 45 years old artistic director personal brand than of a junior sales rep.

Go with the Pro! Bellevue Business Executive HeadshotBellevue Business Executive Headshot

In summary, to increase your response and referral rates, invest in your profile picture. It’s your first chance to communicate that you are friendly, likeable, and trustworthy. These attributes are crucial to getting prospects to engage with you. Think of it as your first step to building your personal brand on professional social media and making yourself stand out from the crowd of your peers.

Maybe I should have started with this: If you don't want to remember this, if you have better things to do with your friends, if you want results, use a professional photographer that will coach you before and during the session and will give you professional results.

Check to see how we can help!

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Sportkid of the year? A few days ago, I have been asked to get headshots of Cooper. Cooper 14 is a speedskater, a true champion, world records holder and a great kid. He is now competing to become Sport Illustrated Sportkid of the year!! He is competing against other amazing kids.

You can help him by voting for our local champion: before Oct 13th

Young Athlete headshotYoung Athlete headshotCooper, Ice Skating Champion Young Athlete headshotYoung Athlete headshotCooper, Ice Skating Champion Young Athlete headshotYoung Athlete headshotCooper, Ice Skating Champion

(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) Athlete Champion Headshot Kirkland Kirkland Photography Teen portrait tween Wed, 30 Sep 2015 04:55:45 GMT
Senior Photography at the beach | Kirland Photographer With August almost over and Senior sessions coming up,  I was just thinking about this beautiful session form last year!

We went an early morning on a beach to get that beautiful morning light. This can be a challenge for some seniors, but I think it was worth it! Anyway here are some of my (and her) favorite pictures!

High School senior portrait - On the beach   High School senior portrait - On the beach

Eastside senior portrait - In the fields Kirkland senior portrait - On the beach   Kirkland senior photography - On a log   

Even if I posted some pictures of this session somewhere else, but like most of the time, I did not blog about it. Bragging is not my forte, I guess.

(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) Bellevue High School Kirkland Senior Photography beach morning light outdoor photography portrait Sat, 22 Aug 2015 01:28:49 GMT
Kirkland Summerfest 2015 This year again, I've been roaming around downtown Kirkland with my camera during Summerfest. Kirkland Summerfest is a very special event, the summer family oriented event organized by Kirkland Downtown Association and Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.

It's a very creative event with experienced street performers...

Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

Young musicians...

Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

art exhibitions and even collaborative art projects

Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

Kirkland Summerfest is a great opportunities for adults to enjoy a beer and listen music... Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

... and for kids to have fun too!

Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424) Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424) Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424) Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

It brings about 50,000 visitors from all Eastside and beyond and requires the help of a lot of volunteers of all ages.

Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

For me, summerfest is a way to give back to the Kirkland community...

Much More pictures are available in the gallery!

or watch the Slideshow below

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Tween Portraits: The bakers (part 2) After some fun but classical pictures, we had to try something completely different.

The boys went to change clothes, and enjoyed a well deserved break watching a cartoon in our Sofa room while I prepared the studio for something unusual. I spread everywhere some painter plastic drop sheets, including on the walls (except the one we used for background,) and move the lights a bit further away from the action.

We started with a "before" pictures

photo of two older children in Kirkland20150213-_DSC6222

And then we brought the flour!

Photography of two kids having fun - Kirkland Photography20150213-_DSC6228

It did not take long before turning into a flour fight

Kirkland Photographer - Portrait of a child under flourKirkland Photographer / Neville - Jackson - 2120150213-_DSC6262

Kirkland Photographer / Neville - Jackson - 19Kirkland Photographer / Neville - Jackson - 1920150213-_DSC6242

The kids had a blast. Something they always wanted to do when baking, but never dared to!

I was happy to have protected everything, including the caremara! One piece of advice: Do NOT try this at home :)

     Kirkland Tween Photography / Flour fightKirkland Photographer / Neville - Jackson - 20   

We now had to finish with a few "after" pictures!

Kirkland Photographer - After - child portraitKirkland Photographer20150213-_DSC6277 Kirkland Photography - after - preadolescent portraitKirkland Photographer20150213-_DSC6278

It made a great addition to the session's album...

Kirkland Photographer - Session albumKirkland Photographer20150319-_DSC7471

which compliments the beautiful pictures chosen for the canvases.

Kirkland Photographer - Session album and canvasKirkland Photographer20150319-_DSC7473

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Children Portraits: The bakers (part 1) The goal of a portrait is to capture the essence of a person. For preadolescents/tweens it is a very interesting challenge because this is an age where kids are typically very active, like to do many different things. 

During the initial consultation, when we discuss what these two kids like to do, many things came up (soccer, math, reading, xbox, and more but one thing grabbed my attention: They like to bake.

Of course we could not do baking in the studio but I had an idea :)

But before, I wanted to get some more traditional pictures:

Kirkland Photographer - Classic children photographyKirkland Photographer- Classic children photography20150213-_DSC5994

Or like I prefer with more interactions:

Portrait Two brothersPortrait of Two brothers20150213-_DSC5999

We made  individual photos some serious, some not so much.

Kirkland photography of a serious kidKirkland photography of a serious kid20150213-_DSC6148 Kirkland photography of a laughing boyKirkland photography of a laughing boy20150213-_DSC6125

And less traditional siblings pictures like the Xbox themed one.

2 tween boys playing on XBox2 tween boys playing on XBoxKirkland Family Photography

Or even less traditional. These kids had a lot of energy!

Kirkland Photographer / brothers playing with XboxKirkland Photographer / brothers playing Xbox

These 2 boys were amazing! So, as energy level was going high, we had the mandatory crazy faces picture, just for the fun!

Kirkland photography: Kids doing crazy facesKirkland photography: Kids doing crazy facesKirkland Studio photography

The two brothers never stopped playing together. As I was trying to direct them, they just started their own game!

Kirkland Photographer / Kids playingKirkland Photographer / Kids playing20150213-_DSC6186

As the boys were slowing down before a break, we made some great images like this one on black and white:

Kirkland Photographer- Black and white portraitKirkland Photographer- Black and white portrait20150213-_DSC6208

In part 2, we'll see what we did to celebrate their passion for baking!

(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) Kirkland Kirkland Photography Kirkland photography studio Redmond children photography children portrait family photography photography portrait Wed, 03 Jun 2015 23:32:21 GMT
Seahawks Rally in Kirkland By a nice January Saturday in Kirkland, in the city where the Seahawks were first headquartered, the 12s rallied in honor of our team, to celebrate what had been another great season, and to send some good vibes to Arizona just before the Superbowl!

As every recent events organized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown association, this was a fun event, with cool activities, including costume contests,

_DSC5448_DSC5448 _DSC5486_DSC5486 _DSC5528_DSC5528

photos in the huge 12 truck _DSC5529_DSC5529

or at the 12th Fan Porsche _DSC5852_DSC5852    

Playing with a giant football _DSC5879_DSC5879 and live music!



Even if we had been all disappointed by the outcome of the game, that event will remain a great memory!

Much More photos are available at:


(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) Event Kirkland Public Seahawks photography rally Wed, 04 Feb 2015 00:33:24 GMT
Happy New Year 2015 With some delays*, I'd like to wish you all a great year 2015! Let the Blue Angels bring you to a better year full of great photos and positive memories!

Happy 2015!!Happy 2015!!Pierre, Kirkland Photographer, wishes you a happy new year! (photo of the Blue Angels on the sky of Seattle - Aug 2014)

*in France, it is the norm to send wishes between January 1st to January 30th

(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) Seattle blue angels personal photography Sat, 17 Jan 2015 04:09:02 GMT
A very special Senior Session A very special senior session indeed! This was with my middle daughter Manon, who is senior at Interlake High School this year.

Manon is a an accomplished athlete, captain of the Interlake Gymnastic team last year, leading them to their best season on the records. She is very smart, is planning to study in the medical field, and deeply involved in the community, volunteering her time on various projects (like SAMBICA last summer). She is also on the preferred babysitter list of any child she had babysat.

Manon wanted an outdoor session, so we went out to explore the beautiful Kirkland. We ended up with way too many pictures, which I'm often guilty of :) So here are some of my favorite pictures of my favorite senior this year!  

HS Senior backlit Girl between walls Kirkland Portrait Black and White senior picture Senior against a blue wall in Kirkland Holding recipe for friendship in kirkland At a coffee table in Kirkland Rural portrait A senior portrait in a farm near Kirkland Against an old gas pump - Interlake student Laughing hard! Portrait in Kirkland!

(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) High School Interlake Kirkland Kirkland photography portrait senior pictures Tue, 07 Oct 2014 22:42:04 GMT
Robert, HS Senior, Entrepreneur and helicopter pilot It's not so often that I have the opportunity to portrait an Helicopter pilot, even in training, but when that pilot is a high school senior, it's kind of a unique opportunity.

Senior picture in fron of an helicopterSenior picture in fron of an helicopter

The hour of the fly lesson dictated the time of the session. And we had to deal with a bright sunny day when the sun was at its highest, on a mid-summer day.

High School picture of a boy against a metal doorHigh School picture of a boy against a metal door

Last stop was was around noon, and Robert wanted some pictures against the Seattle skyline where he headquartered his business. 

High School senior portrait against Seattle skylineHigh School senior portrait against Seattle skyline

It was technically challenging, but what a fun session, and a great time with this young man!

(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) High School Redmond Seattle skyline helicopter pilot pictures portrait Thu, 25 Sep 2014 01:32:19 GMT
Bellevue Family portrait in Redmond This summer I had the privilege to capture this family from Bellevue. Like with every family, the challenge was to get everyone available at the same time! But when we finaly solved this puzzle, it was a bliss!

Senior High School portrait in RedmondSenior High School portrait in Redmond    Sister and brother - Redmond Family PhotographySister and brother - Redmond Family Photography

We went to Idylwood park, on lake Sammamish in Redmond, one of my favorite park!

Family photographer in RedomdFamily photographer in Redomd

With its large grass field and beautiful trees, it makes a great location for family or HS Senior pictures!

Family photography in RedmondFamily photography in Redmond

Picture of siblings in RedmondPicture of siblings in Redmond

The two teenagers are going to Interlake High School this year. It is great to see happy teenagers!

   Senior picture - Seated in tall grassSenior picture - Seated in tall grass

Brother and sister - Kirkland PhotographyBrother and sister - Kirkland Photography

Brother and sister in RedmondBrother and sister in Redmond

Their last family portrait done by a professional was from 12 years ago! It's good to know that they have more recent images now to decorate their walls :)

Husband and wife - Family photographerHusband and wife - Family photographer

(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) Bellevue Redmond Redmond family photographer family photography portrait Sat, 13 Sep 2014 22:03:33 GMT
Refreshment: Swimming pool photography! With the long hot days of summer, what's better than a plunge in the swimming pool? 

I made these pictures with my daughter one night. Enjoy, relax, stay cool and have a great Summer!

Night Swimming pool photography - in the spotlightNight Swimming pool photography Night Swimming pool photography - PlungeNight Swimming pool photography Night Swimming pool photography - RocketNight Swimming pool photography Night Swimming pool photography - StillnessNight Swimming pool photography Night Swimming pool photography - Flying awayNight Swimming pool photography


Night Swimming pool photographyNight Swimming pool photography

(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) Kirkland Photographer Moody photography Night Photography Swimming pool Teenager Tue, 29 Jul 2014 23:58:34 GMT
{Kirkland Photography} Session with Crystal  

Crystal, (a.k.a. Kimmie) is a beautiful Interlake High School Student. And no, she is not a professional model as couple of my friends suggested. Crystal is an amazing person to be around, always smiling, always positive!

Kirkland Senior photo Senior Portrait

She's passionate about track and field, as well as music. Crystal used to play the violin  but nowadays she told me that she is mostly into singing.

Redmond Senior Portrait Senior Portrait

Crystal's perfect Saturday would either be hanging out with family, whether it be staying in and just watching movies, going out on hikes or walking around downtown Seattle, or hanging out with friends, catching a movie and dinner, hanging out at the mall, etc.

Kirkland Senior PortraitKirkland Senior PortraitKirkland Senior Portrait Best Senior Picture

She does not have one favorite quote, but two!:
"Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort" -Theodore Roosevelt
"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." -Albert Einstein

Redmond Senior Portrait High-School Senior Photo

She listens mostly to Indie pop (Lana Del Rey and Lorde) and Alternative Rock (Two Door Cinema Club). I have to admit I never heard about those bands prior to meeting Crystal!


Redmond Senior Picture

Happy 4th of July!

High-School Senior Photo


(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) High School Interlake Senior Kirkland photo Studio Kirkland photographer Senior photography Thu, 03 Jul 2014 16:15:00 GMT
Interlake's Senior Jazmyne a.k.a. Jazzy Jazmine, or Jazzy is a beautiful, tall, quiet, happy, optimist, generous teenager. She attends Interlake High School.

Flying Hair - Senior Photography  Flying Hair - Senior Photography

She likes gymnastic, although she is more into watching it, than practicing it, these days.  

Studio portrait of a SeniorStudio portrait of a Senior Portrait of a Self-Confident teenager on a chairSelf-Confident teenager on a chair

She enjoys modeling and she definitely have talents for that! When she came to my studio in Kirkland, she wanted to start a portfolio.

Portrait of a Senior against of the wallPortrait of a Senior against of the wall

Her best day off is all about doing random thing with her best friend. She told me she can be lazzy at time. That's not uncommon for a teenager, but that's not the reason she's laying down on the floor :)

Kirkland Senior posing as in a fashion shootKirkland Senior posing as in a fashion shoot

Jazmine enjoys Art! She especially likes oil pastel and pencil.

Portrait of a teenager in a white dressPortrait of a teenager in a white dress Kirkland Senior photoKirkland Senior photoKirkland Senior photo

Her favorite quote is a great one: "Getting what you want is not nearly as important  as giving what you have" -Tom Krause


(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) High School Interlake Senior Kirkland photo Studio Kirkland photographer Senior photography Tue, 24 Jun 2014 23:00:00 GMT
{Kirkland Photography} Meet Interlake Student: Alice Alice is a student at Interlake High School, in Bellevue, and part of the Gymnastic team there with my daughter Manon!

She love outdoors, so we use the low sun to make some photos just outside the studio.

High School Senior resting on a tree,  in KirklandHigh School Senior resting on a tree, in Kirkland Back lit portrait photo of a Senior student in KirklandBack lit portrait photo of a Senior student in Kirkland Photography of a teenager enjoying the sun in KirklandPhotography of a teenager enjoying the sun in Kirkland Photograph of an Interlake high-school student on the stairs of the Kirkland Art centerPhotograph of an Interlake high-school student on the stairs of the Kirkland Art center

Alice is a very optimistic and positive person, and I rarely saw her not smiling during the session! And no surprise her favorite quote is "When one door is closed, don't you know, another is open." from Bob Marley.

Portrait of a Senior seated on a stool in the Kirkland photo studioPortrait of a Senior seated on a stool in the Kirkland photo studio High School Senior with her mother! - KirklandHigh School Senior with her mother! - Kirkland

Although a perfect week-end for her would be to somewhere outdoors with friends, we had fun in the studio, where we had her mom join for a few photos and friends too, below my daughter Manon!

Senior Portrait

(Folrev Photography | Bellevue | Issaquah) Bellevue Senior High School Interlake Kirkland Kirkland Portrait Studio Kirkland Senior photographer Kirkland parks Senior Photography portrait Tue, 17 Jun 2014 23:00:00 GMT