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In the age of social media, selfies have become the norm, but they can only do so much to capture the essence of an era in your life. This is why more and more individuals are turning to professional portrait photography. With a skilled portrait photographer, you can capture a moment in time, show off your unique personality, and reignite your self-esteem, we will explore how professional portrait photography can empower you and provide a creative outlet for personal exploration.

Find Your Own Source Of Strength

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0733Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0733Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0733
A professional portrait session is a powerful tool that can empower you in a lot of ways. For starters, after a consultation with your photographer, and discussing the pros and cons, you get to call the shots and make all the important decisions, from the location to the outfit to the pose. This control over the session helps you feel more in control of your image and can help you find a renewed sense of confidence. Additionally, a good photographer will take the time to understand what you want and create an environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed. This can help make the experience enjoyable, engaging, and even therapeutic.


A Session Can Capture an Era in Your Life Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0892Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0892Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0892

With a professional portrait session, you can capture a significant moment for posterity. Whether you want to capture a milestone or just celebrate a
specific time in your life, a professional photographer can bring their unique vision and artistry to make sure that moment is translated into timeless and stunning photographs. These images can make great keepsakes, offering a way to relive those precious moments and pass them on to future generations.



Learn To Overcome Insecurities

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1101Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1101Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1101
Professional portrait photography can be a powerful tool to help people overcome their insecurities. By capturing different aspects of your personality, a skilled photographer can help show you the unique beauty that makes you, who you are. They can use different lighting techniques and creative compositions to bring out your best features and make you feel confident and beautiful.

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1652Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1652Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1652

A Session Can Provide a Creative Outlet for Personal Exploration

Professional portrait photography is a great way to tap into your creativity and explore your identity. By working with a photographer, you have the chance to try different looks, poses, and locations that can help you create a visual representation of your personality. You can use these images to showcase your talents and style on social media or as a means of self-expression.


Promote Yourself and Make a Great First Impression

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland Photographer20151006-DSC00388
Investing in a professional headshot session is a strategic move to transform yourself into a compelling promotional asset, something that will show the world how great you are at doing what you are doing best. These high-quality images instill confidence and can be strategically placed across all your online platforms, ensuring a consistent and impressive representation.  With the expert guidance of a skilled photographer, the once awkward process becomes an enjoyable experience, allowing you to present your best self effortlessly. It's not just a photograph; it's a key component in making a great first impression in today's visually-driven professional landscape.


Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1492Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1492Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1492
Perfect Finished Products

Investing in top-tier finished products, meticulously crafted by a professional photographer, extends beyond mere photographs. Beyond the digital
realm, tangible items like beautifully crafted albums, large canvas prints, metal prints, and framed prints are timeless representations of your captured moments. These physical embodiments not only serve as decor pieces but also hold sentimental value, becoming cherished keepsakes that stand the test of time. Each medium offers a unique aesthetic, allowing you to tailor the presentation of your images to suit your personal style and the ambiance of your space. Furthermore, the meticulous attention to detail in the production of these items ensures that every nuance, color, and emotion captured by the photographer is faithfully preserved.

Using Adobe Express to do More with Your Finished Portraits

Bellevue-Eastside Family photography -375Bellevue-Eastside Family photography -375Bellevue-Eastside Family photography -375
In addition to these tangible treasures, receiving expertly prepared digital images further enhances the overall experience, providing a versatile and
easily shareable format for online platforms, social media, and archival purposes. With those, you have the option to use Adobe Express to enhance them in a way that reflects your unique style. Adobe Express offers a range of editing tools that allow you to crop your photos or make other small changes with your photographer's permission. You can also create keepsakes such as these:

●    Make a stunning photo card to send out to friends or family. This is perfect for milestone events, such as graduations, or you can use it to announce an upcoming creative event such as a book launch or art show. Adobe’s tools make the process super quick and easy.
●    Ready to share your photo shoot with social media followers? Create a stunning Instagram collage using the best pics from your shoot. This is a great way to engage followers and include them in your celebration.
●    Create an eye-catching business card that shows off your personality with a great headshot. This is perfect when you’re heading to a convention or other networking event, as it will help potential customers or partners remember you. Use the free Adobe Express app to build your card in no time.
●    Have an Instagram shop? Make an eye-catching post with a stunning image and clear text. You can customize your post using brand colors or your logo so that followers know immediately that it’s you.


Professional portrait photography can provide numerous benefits, from empowering you and capturing an era in your life to helping you overcome insecurities and providing a creative outlet for personal exploration. By working with a skilled photographer, you can create stunning images that showcase your individuality and style and help you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. Talk to your photographer about your goals and work out a few ideas together that meet your needs.

Ready to talk about your photography goals? Contact Folrev Photography today.


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How to Overcome Your Fear of Getting a Professional Headshot Bellevue Headshot WomenBellevue Headshot "I hate having my picture taken" - how many times have you heard this phrase? As a photographer, I hear this from the majority of my clients. Many people are nervous, uncomfortable or even downright scared when it comes to having their picture taken for their professional headshot. If you are one of those people, you are not alone.

The fear and anxiety of being in front of the camera can come from various psychological and emotional factors such as self-doubt, insecurity, past negative experiences, fear of judgment, and lack of confidence. It could also stem from societal pressures to conform to certain beauty standards or feeling uncomfortable with one's own appearance. And let's face it: It's an awkward experience.

But the truth is, having a professional headshot is essential for creating a good first impression, whether it's for your LinkedIn profile or website. A professional headshot can showcase your personality, style, and professionalism. It can also help you connect with your potential employers, clients, or collaborators.

So how can you overcome your fear of getting a professional headshot? Here are some tips to help you prepare for your headshot session and make it a positive and enjoyable experience:

1. Find a photographer who makes you feel heard and respected and won't judge you. The most important thing is to find a photographer who understands your needs and goals and who can make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Do some research online and look at their portfolio and reviews.  Choose someone who is friendly, supportive, and experienced.

2. Dress appropriately and come prepared. Check this post on how get ready. One of the best ways to boost your confidence is to dress in a way that reflects your personality and profession. Choose clothes that fit well, flatter your body type, and match your skin tone.  Also, make sure to groom yourself well and bring makeup for touch-ups.

3. Ask for music that will get you in the right mood. Music can have a powerful effect on your mood and energy level. Ask your photographer if they can play some music that will help you relax and have fun during the shoot. Music can also help you loosen up and express yourself better.

4. Trust your photographer. Remember that the photographer is there to help you look your best. Trust their direction and don't be afraid to ask for feedback. They know how to use lighting, angles, poses, and expressions to enhance your features and create a flattering image. They also know how to edit your photos in a way that preserves your authenticity and integrity. Headshot Bellevue ManHeadshot Bellevue Man

5. Take deep breaths and relax. Take deep breaths before the shoot, and remember that this is just a moment in time. You'll be surprised at how quickly it all goes by. Don't worry about the outcome or what others will think of your photos. Just focus on being yourself and enjoying the moment. Btw, People will love your headshot!

6. Have fun! The most important tip is to have fun during your headshot session. Don't take yourself too seriously or put too much pressure on yourself. Smile, laugh, joke around, and be playful. A genuine smile or laugh can make a huge difference in your photos.

Remember, a good professional headshot can help you stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression. And a good headshot is a confidence booster! By following these simple tips, you'll be sure to get a beautiful headshot that you'll be proud of.

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The 9 things I learned from Street Photography Street photography is a genre of photography that captures candid moments of people and places in public spaces. It is a challenging but rewarding form of art that requires patience, creativity and courage.

One of the things that makes street photography so fascinating is its truthfulness. Unlike staged photos, street photos show reality as the photographer is seeing it, with minimal manipulation, if any. This contrasts with the recent trend of AI-generated images that can create realistic but fake portraits of people who do not exist. While these images are more impressive each day in their technical quality, they lack the soul and authenticity of street photos.

Here are some of the things I learned from practicing street photography:

  1. Seeing the light. Light is the most important element in photography, and street photography is no exception. Learning how to use natural light to create different effects, such as shadows, silhouettes, reflections and flares, can make a huge difference in the quality and mood of your photos.
    Seing light
  2. Understanding contrast and mood. Contrast is the difference between light and dark areas in an image, and it can be used to create drama, tension and interest. Contrast can also affect the mood of your photos, as high-contrast images tend to be more dramatic and low-contrast images tend to be more subtle and soft.
    France-Portugal-2020-01Contrast and Mood
  3. What gives life to an image. Street photography is not just about capturing people, but also their interactions, emotions and stories. Learning how to capture the decisive moment, the gesture, the expression and the context that give life to an image can make your photos more engaging and meaningful.
    Jump!What brings life to an image
  4. Ability to see patterns, leading lines and visual attraction. Composition is the arrangement of elements in an image, and it can make or break a photo. Learning how to use patterns, leading lines and visual attraction to guide the viewer’s eye and create a sense of harmony and balance can make your photos more appealing and effective.
    Pattern and balance and contrasts
  5. To recognize and learn the value of expression and mood. Expression and mood are the feelings and emotions that are conveyed by the subject or the scene in a photo. Learning how to recognize and capture expression and mood can make your photos more expressive and powerful.
    Nap Time 2Expression and Mood
  6. To use pictures to tell a story. Street photography is not just about taking snapshots, but about telling stories with your images. Learning how to use pictures to tell a story can make your photos more interesting and compelling.
    An image can tell a story by itself
  7. To not be shy, without being intrusive. Street photography requires a certain level of confidence and courage to approach strangers and photograph them without their permission or awareness. Learning how to overcome your fear of rejection, confrontation or awkwardness can help you get closer to your subjects and take better photos. However, you also need to respect their privacy and dignity, and avoid being rude or intrusive.
    Torchlight Parade-2014-4999Not to be shy
  8. To embrace simplicity. Street photography is not about using fancy equipment or techniques, but about finding beauty in the ordinary and mundane. Learning how to embrace simplicity and focus on the essentials can help you avoid distractions and clutter in your photos, and make them more clear and impactful.
    Powow-2013-9791Embrace simplicity
  9. And to be ready when the opportunity arises. Street photography is unpredictable and spontaneous, and you never know when you will encounter a great photo opportunity. Learning how to be ready when the opportunity arises by always carrying your camera with you, being observant and alert, and being quick to react can help you capture more memorable moments.
    Be ready

Street photography is a rewarding form of art that can teach you a lot about yourself and the world around you, that is all about capturing the "soul" of the moment. By practicing these 9 things I learned from street photography, I believe I became a better portrait and headshot photographer.


What do you think about street photography? Do you have any tips or experiences to share?  Let me know in the comments below!

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What’s in the cost of a headshot? A professional headshot is a custom-made product and there are several elements that typically make up the final cost. While the cost of a headshot can vary depending on factors such as the photographer's experience and location, there are several elements that typically make up the final price.

Time and Expertise

First and foremost, you are paying for the photographer's time and expertise. A good photographer will spend time getting to know you, understanding your goals, discussing the look and feel you want for your headshot, and then setting up and taking the photos, coaching you, and finally assisting you in the selection. They will also spend time editing the photos afterwards to ensure they are of the highest quality. Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -466Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -466Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -466

Business costs

Another factor that contributes to the cost of a headshot is the equipment and materials used. A professional photographer will have high-quality cameras, lighting equipment, and backdrops, which can be quite expensive. They may also use specialized software and editing tools to enhance the final images.

In addition to the photographer's time and equipment, there are also costs associated with running a photography business. This includes expenses such as marketing, insurance, and studio rental fees. All of these costs are factored into the final price of the headshot.

The Headshot Photographer skills

One crucial aspect of a successful headshot session is the photographer's ability to bring out the best in their subjects. This is very different that photographing weddings or real estate. This requires a range of technical and interpersonal competencies, including:

  • Lighting expertise: A skilled headshot photographer understands how to use light to create a flattering image. They should be able to adapt to different lighting conditions and use equipment such as strobes and reflectors to achieve the desired effect.
  • Posing and expression coaching: Many people feel awkward or self-conscious in front of the camera, so a headshot photographer should be able to provide guidance on posing and expressions. For example, they might suggest specific positions or movements to help you look natural and confident or use prompts and techniques to elicit a genuine smile or expression.
  • Communication skills: Building a rapport with clients is essential for creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during the shoot. A good headshot photographer should be able to communicate clearly and effectively and be able to adapt their style to suit different clients and situations.
  • Image selection and editing: Once the shoot is over, the photographer should be able to provide assistance with image selection and editing. This may involve reviewing the images with the client and suggesting which ones are best suited for their goals, as well as retouching and enhancing the final images to ensure they look their best.


Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -328Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -328Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -328 By choosing a headshot photographer who has these competencies, clients can be confident that they are investing in a high-quality image that accurately represents them and their personal brand. In addition to the technical and interpersonal skills mentioned above, a good headshot photographer should also have a strong portfolio of previous work and a track record of satisfied clients.

High-quality headshot can have a significant impact on personal and professional success. By investing in a skilled and compassionate headshot photographer who can provide coaching and guidance throughout the process, clients can feel confident that they are making a wise investment in their future.

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Report on 10+ Years as a Volunteer Family Photographer for Soulumination  Soulumination

Why olivierolivierMy brother Olivier (age 3)

A 8x10 portrait of a young boy named Olivier taught me the power of photography when I was very young. It has been hanging on my parents’ wall for more than 58 years. Olivier was my older brother, who passed away a few days before I came into this world.

This portrait of Olivier is more than just a photo. It is a precious memory, a lasting legacy, a tangible connection to my brother who I never got to meet. It is a gift that my parents cherish and that I treasure. It is a reminder of the fragility and beauty of life.

That is why I resonate so deeply with Soulumination’s mission. They provide families with children who have life-threatening conditions with the same gift that I received: the gift of photography. They capture the love and joy (and sometime grief too) that these families share, the strength and courage that they show, the hope and grace that they embody. They create images that honor and celebrate their lives, that preserve and share their stories, that comfort and heal their hearts. They make a difference that lasts beyond a lifetime.


As a volunteer photographer for Soulumination, I have the privilege of capturing the precious moments of families who have children with life-threatening conditions. Soulumination is a wonderful local organization that provides free professional photography and custom photo gifts to honor these families and celebrate their lives.

I have been working with Soulumination for nearly 12 years (and over 100 sessions), and I can honestly say that it has been one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences of my life. I have met so many amazing and inspiring people, both the families and the staff at Soulumination and Children Hospital, where I often photograph the children.

Every session is different and unique, but they all have one thing in common: they are filled with love. And sometimes with joy and hope, other times with sadness and grief. I try to capture the essence of each family and their story, their personalities and their emotions, their strength and their beauty. I want to create images that they can cherish forever, that reflect their bond and their spirit.

Sometimes I photograph the children at the hospital, where they are undergoing treatment or waiting for a transplant. Other times I photograph them outside, at a park  or their home, where they can enjoy nature and have fun or even in my studio. No matter where we are, I always try to make them feel comfortable and relaxed, to let them be themselves and have a "normal" family time, when nothig else is.

I am grateful

I am honored to be a part of Soulumination’s mission and to share my passion for photography with these families. I am grateful for the opportunity to witness their courage and resilience, to learn from their wisdom and grace, to be touched by their love and gratitude. They have taught me so much about life and what really matters.

If you want to learn more about Soulumination or support their work, please visit their website at However you won't find sample on my portfolio, by respect to the families (and respect of HIIPA rules.) 

Thank you for reading. You may also check this video below from Soulumination that discuss the experience of Soulumination from partners and clients point of view. I took some of the photos displayed there. And I am indeed the "Pierre" mentioned by  Enyo and Charles Ofori (starting at 3:35).


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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Outfit for Your Headshot Your headshot is an important tool for promoting yourself or your business. It's the first thing people see when they search for you online, so it's important to make a good impression. One of the key elements of a great headshot is your outfit. Here are some tips to help you choose the right outfit for your headshot:

Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -Blond Woman with business outfitBellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -339

  1. Dress for the occasion: Think about the purpose of your headshot and dress accordingly. If it's for a professional setting, wear something that's appropriate for the workplace. If it's for a creative or artistic setting, you can be more casual or expressive with your outfit.

  2. Keep it simple: Avoid loud patterns, bold colors, and busy designs. These can be distracting and take away from your face, which should be the focus of your headshot. Stick to solid colors and simple patterns.

  3. Choose clothes that fit well: Ill-fitting clothes can make you look unprofessional and sloppy. Make sure your clothes fit well and are tailored to your body. Check with a personal stylist if needed.

  4. Consider your brand: If you're using your headshot for business purposes, think about your brand and the message you want to convey. Your outfit should be consistent with your brand image.

  5. Avoid trendy clothes: Trends come and go, but your headshot will last a few (2-4) years. Stick to classic, timeless styles that will stand the test of time.
    Bellevue-Eastside Portrait Headshot- Man with GlassesBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1383

  6. Pay attention to details: Don't forget about the small details, like jewelry, accessories, and grooming. Keep your jewelry simple and minimal, and make sure your hair and makeup are clean and polished.

By following these tips, you can choose the right outfit for your headshot and make a great first impression. Remember, your headshot is a representation of you, so take the time to choose an outfit that reflects your personality and brand.


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Headshot or Portrait? When it comes to professional photography, there are a lot of terms that get thrown around. Two of the most common are "headshots" and "portraits." While both of these types of photography involve taking pictures of people, there are some key differences between the two.

Bellevue-Eastside Professional Portrait photography -The artist and her paintingBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography -001Bellevue-Eastside Professional Portrait photography -The artist and her painting What is a headshot?

A headshot is a type of portrait that focuses specifically on the person's head and shoulders. The goal of a headshot is to capture the subject's likeness and personality in a single image. Headshots are often used for professional purposes such as business cards, social media profiles, and actor or model portfolios. They are designed to generate a great first impression and serve as communication, marketing, and branding tools for the subject.

What is a portrait?

A portrait, on the other hand, is a broader term that refers to any photograph of a person or group of people. Portraits can be full-body or close-up, posed or candid, and can be used for a variety of purposes including family photos, editorial shoots, and artistic expression. Unlike headshots, portraits are less revealing about the subject and the audience is typically more familiar with the subject(s).

A business portrait is also a branding tool, that complements a headshot, by adding some contextual information about the subject activity. It's less focused on the likeness and personality than a head shot. A few examples are the Artist in his studio, the researcher in his lab, the cook in his kitchen. 

So what's the difference? Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography- Man with beardBellevue-Eastside Headshot photography-3500

The main difference between headshots and portraits is the scope of the image and their intended use. Headshots are focused specifically on the subject's head and shoulders, with the goal of capturing their likeness and personality in a single image. They are designed to make a strong first impression and serve as a communication, marketing, and branding tool for the subject. Portraits, on the other hand, can be much broader in scope, and can include full-body shots, candid moments, and more artistic expressions. They are typically used for personal use, editorial shoots, and artistic expression.

Whether you're looking for a headshot or a portrait, it's important to find a photographer who understands your needs and can help you achieve your goals.


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The top 5 reason to get a headshot done by a Pro In today’s world, first impressions matter more than ever. Whether you’re looking for a new job, trying to promote your brand, or simply want to make a good impression online, having a professional headshot can make all the difference.

Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography - Woman with a scarfBellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -336Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -Woman with a scarf Here are some reasons why having a professional headshot is so important:

  1. It makes you look more professional: A professional headshot can convey a sense of professionalism and competence that can be difficult to achieve with a selfie or a snapshot taken by a friend. By investing in a professional headshot, you can show potential employers or clients that you take your career seriously and are willing to invest in yourself.

  2. It helps you stand out: In today’s competitive job market, it’s important to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd. A professional headshot can help you do just that, by making you look more polished and memorable than other candidates with less professional photos.

  3. It conveys your personality: Your headshot can convey a lot about your personality and brand. Are you serious and professional, or fun and approachable? A professional headshot can help you convey the right message to potential employers or clients, and make you more memorable in the process.

  4. It boosts your online presence: In today’s digital age, your online presence is more important than ever. A professional headshot can help you create a consistent and professional image across all of your social media profiles, website, and online portfolio.

  5. It’s an investment in yourself: Finally, investing in a Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -Man with pink shirtBellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -348Bellevue-Eastside Headshot photography -Man with pink shirt
    professional headshot is an investment in yourself and your career. By showing that you take yourself seriously and are willing to invest in your personal brand, you can set yourself apart from the competition and position yourself for success.

A professional headshot is an important investment in yourself and your career. By conveying a sense of professionalism, helping you stand out, conveying your personality, boosting your online presence, and showing that you take yourself seriously, a professional headshot can make all the difference when it comes to making a great first impression.


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10 year Anniversary Anniv Sm wideAnniv Sm wide

The past ten years have been a time of immense change and growth, both in the world at large and in the field of photography. As for photography, we observed:

  • The Rise of Digital Photography: Over the past decade, digital photography has continued to evolve and expand, with new technologies, innovations and software allowing photographers to capture images in ever-higher resolution and with greater flexibility.
  • The Emergence of Mobile Photography: The widespread adoption of smartphones has also transformed the field of photography, with millions of people using their mobile devices to capture, share, and edit photos like never before, with quality today that beats point-and-shoot cameras of then.
  • The Growth of Social Media: Social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have changed the way that people interact with photography, providing a new outlet for self-expression and enabling the photographers in us to reach new audiences and build new communities.
  • The Renewed Interest in photography prints and film photography: Despite the growing dominance of digital photography, film photography, and more broadly, the art and craft of photography prints has also seen a resurgence in popularity, with photographers of all levels rediscovering the joy of photography prints.

As we look ahead, the field of photography will continue to evolve and change in ways that are both exciting and unpredictable. Regardless of what the future holds, however, one thing is certain: photography will continue to be a powerful tool for capturing and sharing the beauty, wonder, and diversity of our world.

However,  in the past decade, Pierre's commitment to capturing personalities and emotions has remained steadfast!


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Cherry blossoms portrait @ uw (the quads) A family portrait at the quads at the University of Washington is always something special, even when the weather is not perfect! The colors and the energy are fantastic... Of course not having someone popping up in the background is a challenge, But it's worth it! 

Seattle Family Photography at UWKirkland PhotographerFamily portrait under the cherry tree Kirkland Family Photography with a dog under cherry treesKirkland Photographer Kirkland PhotographerKirkland Photographer20150322-_DSC7579-Edit Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0746Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0746Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0746

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Science behind the headshot (part 2) How science should impact your headshot?

We previously looked at the scientific evidences to explain how the brain works and processes headshots. Now let’s look at what it means for your own headshot:

1. It should be all about your face! 

The density of visual cues on the face is so much higher than anywhere else, that you need to make sure the viewer can read your face even on stamp size image. And no, the color of your shoes does not influence how people will judge you!  

Make your headshot a head shot, one that directs your viewer to your facial expression. You should not hide your face behind heavy makeup or behind your hands.
Keep your outfit professional and simple so it does not draw attention to itself.

2. Simplicity is key, ambiguity is the enemy.

Make sure you are the only one in the picture, and that your expression of happiness is not too subtle. There’s no need for a fancy background, no need for jewelry, no need for extravagant clothing. At best they will have no impact on how people judge you, at worst they will confuse the viewer. Confusion means risk, risk means danger, and that brings negative judgements.

Keep it simple. Avoid anything that might be ambiguous.

3. You don’t have to be “photogenic”!

First, let’s clarify that “being photogenic” is not a fact put a perception! Of course, some people are closer to the conventional beauty standards of their time than others, but that has nothing to do with being photogenic. “Photogenic” people are people confident in their body. That’s why almost every child under 8-10 is “photogenic.”

A great photographer will light you and pose you properly to highlight the best features of your face. But what will elicit positive judgements of confidence, trustworthiness, likeability is YOUR NATURAL happy expression.

4. A glamour headshot? That’s an oxymoron!

There is headshot and then there is glamour shot. The latter is a type of portrait, meant to make the subject look sexy and appealing; as such, the subject is often made to look mysterious, sometimes not really engaged. They are more likely to be full body, use sophisticated heavy makeup, abundant jewelry, sometime even props, or hands in the middle.

In other words, a glamour shot is a fabricated illusion: It’s not about your face and it’s not really about the real you either; it’s highly ambiguous, by definition.

Don’t get me wrong, glamour shots can be beautiful and boost your self-esteem, but they are typically best kept for you and the people close to you. They should never be used in lieu of a headshot. Andrea McMillan-523-EditA heashot is a HEAD shot!A headshot can and should be flattering. It is however primarily about making a connection with the viewer, without mood or mystery...

Tell us what you think! 

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The Science Behind the Headshot Photographer's Selfie and unoficial headshot.Photographer's SelfieWhether you wanted it or not, you made complex judgements on me based on my selfie-headshot. Even before reading the first word of this post!

One Tenth of Second!

Imagine you’re home, looking at the pamphlets for the next non-political election of the commissioner of…  You scan through the 5 candidates- you may not feel really qualified to judge their ability based on paper, but you’ve done just that… How?

According to research by Willis and Todorov published in 2006, it only takes 100 milliseconds exposure of a face (a headshot) to make  judgement on attractiveness, likeability, trustworthiness, competence, aggressiveness, and more. Adding time may only boosts confidence in the judgement formed but does not significantly change it. As this research mentioned, “trait inferences from facial appearance can be characterized as fast, intuitive, System 1 (unconscious) processes." (1)

Another study from the same team used MRI to suggest that evaluations made from photos happens automatically and systematically even without suggestion (2). It also appears that inferences made when seeing a face are generally not controllable (3).

It is no surprise that humans, whether they are sensible or not, make judgements based on appearance. And although appearance is comprised of many factors, such as the way you dress and the context, by far the most important is the face.

Even if a person’s physical traits play a minor role on the judgments (proportions, age, skin color, etc.) the real driver for the judgments is the emotion expressed by the subject or implied by her traits. (4).

You now know it all :-p.

What does this mean?

  1. Whether you like it or not, you are making judgements of strangers based on their headshot.
  2. The same happens for every other stranger coming across your headshot.
  3. In fact, if your photo is attached to your profile, they will have made judgments on you before even reading the first word of your profile.

Now you can decide if your headshot will work FOR you or against you.

In a next post we'll explore what it means concretely for you


(1) Willis and Todorov, 2006 - First Impressions: Making Up Your Mind After a 100-Ms Exposure to a Face
(2) Todorov, Baron, Oosterhof, 2008 - Evaluating face trustworthiness: a model based approach
(3) R. Hassin & Y. Trope, 2000 - Facing faces: Studies on the cognitive aspects of physiognomy
(4) Montepare & Dobish 2003 - The Contribution Of Emotion Perceptions And Their Overgeneralizations To Trait Impressions

(Folrev Photography) Bellevue business headshot Headshot headshot studio Issaquah phsychology professional headshot Sammamish science Thu, 07 Mar 2019 21:10:10 GMT
A Very Special Senior Portrait Session 2017-2018 was the senior year of my 3rd daughter, and she wanted the full package for her Senior Portraits, of course wanting something inspired by fashion images! I realize it's passed senior photo season, but it's never too late to share these pictures :) 

We started with some images in the studio in Issaquah....

  Black and White Senior PortraitBlack and White Senior Portrait Fashion style Senior photo in our Issaquah StudioFashion style Senior photo in our Issaquah Studio Issaquah studio (senior) portraitIssaquah studio (senior) portrait Senior Girl with a tie (Studio portrait)Senior Girl with a tie (Studio portrait)

Then we went outside the studio for another feel, more exotic and relaxed :)

Issaquah's Morrocan door fashion portraitIssaquah's Morrocan door fashion portrait

The following picture with the flowers is the one she ended up using as her official senior photo.

IHS Natural Senior portraitIHS Natural Senior portrait

The Bellevue library is a great location for a Senior portrait, for Boys and Girls... :)

IHS outdoor portrait in BellevueIHS Senior outdoor portrait in Bellevue   Bellevue Urban Senior portrait with reflectionBellevue Urban Senior portrait with reflection   Senior photo session is a blissSenior photo session is a bliss Happy IHS Senior picture in BellevueHappy IHS Senior picture in Bellevue

And we finished our tour by downtown Bellevue:

Urban Senior portraitUrban Senior portrait Happy Ending! (Issaquah Senior Portrait)Happy Ending! (Issaquah Senior Portrait)

I really enjoyed the varieties in décor I can find within a few miles of the studio...  And I really enjoyed these memories with my daughter!


(Folrev Photography) Bellevue Senior Portrait High School IHS Interlake Issaquah Senior Portrait Outdoor Senior Portrait portrait Senior Photography Studio Senior Portrait Mon, 07 Jan 2019 02:30:00 GMT
What makes a great (business) headshot? How  great is your headshot?


Have you invested or are you ready to invest in a great headshot? Excellent! A headshot is a marketing/branding tool, and as such should have clear objectives. So here are some tips for choosing your headshots  

Let’s start with a definition of headshot: A headshot is a photograph where the focus is unambiguously one face; this photo will allow people (mostly strangers) to create a connection with the subject. 

A great business headshot is a headshot (as defined above) matching these 5 criteria:

  1. You must love your headshot
  2. It must represent who you are. Now.
  3. It must create a first impression of competency
  4. It must show you as an influential or an In-charge person
  5. Strangers should find you likeable you from the headshot

You may hear some people talk about “coolness factor,” about a beautiful backdrop, about great composition, about the benefits Rembrandt lighting, or argue about Black and white vs Color.

In fact, none of these matter on their own. And if they become the focus of the photographer, it means the focus is no longer on you. This may possibly undermine the headshot performance against one or more criteria.

Let’s dig in on those 5 core criteria

Headshot-Folrev Photography-6512Headshot-6512 1. You must Love your headshot

The best headshot is useless if you don’t use it. Enough said.

2. It represents who you are. Now.

A headshot is a photograph, that is an instant-in-time capture. It must show the best of you. But it must show YOU, now, not the way you looked 20 years ago, not the way you would if you hadn’t had this broken nose or those glasses that you hate etc.

If you happen to meet in real life the stranger you’ve seen online, and you do not recognize them instantly, it will create a very negative impression, and you will be less likely to trust that person.

Of course, a good headshot will minimize all those concerns of yours, so they don’t distract the viewer from the essential while still allowing you to being yourself.  Furthermore, all these physical attributes that you are self-conscious about might in fact have a positive impact on the next 3 criteria, making you look more competent, influential and/or likable.

3. It must create a first impression of competency.

I don’t think this one needs a lot of explanation. The headshot needs to show your competent persona. Even a Stay-at-home Mom who’s looking into getting back into the job market 20 years later should look competent. It’s not lying: There’s always a highly competent persona in you.

4. It must show you as an influential or/and an In-charge person.

Who wants to hire someone who needs to be micromanaged?  Who wants to hire a headshot photographer who just knows how to hold a camera? We are more likely to hire and trust people who can really help us from start to end and add value for us. So, your headshot should suggest that you are trustworthy and responsible person. 

5. Strangers should find you likeable from the headshot

Until the late 90s, people thought they had to look arrogant, aggressive or bored to look more powerful. This is NOT true, at least in Woman Entrepreneur HeadshotWoman Entrepreneur headshot normal conditions, as people tend to prefer working with people they like. This trend is even more pronounced with younger generations. One exception would be in a crisis, real or imagined (think about the 2016 US presidential election where the 2 candidates were considered the less likeable candidates of their own party during the primaries.)

At the end of your session with us, we’ll review the photos together to ensure that you get a great photo that matches all 5 criteria!


At Folrev Photography we will help you create a great business portrait, and we will help you choose the most appropriate business headshot for your needs!

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Family photography in Redmond early Fall I don't often post photos from family portrait sessions, but I enjoyed taking photos of this family so much... I could not resist posting these :)

Marymoor park is a great location with plenty of cool spots if you wish to stay in Redmond. 

  Issaquah PhotographerIssaquah PhotographerFall colors family portrait in Redmond Issaquah PhotographerIssaquah PhotographerFamily portrait by the old dead tree

Issaquah PhotographerIssaquah PhotographerGirl with a mysterious smile Issaquah PhotographerIssaquah PhotographerRunning girls   Issaquah PhotographerIssaquah PhotographerClassic portrait of two sisters
Issaquah PhotographerIssaquah Photographerphotograph of a Young girl running Issaquah PhotographerIssaquah PhotographerSmiling girl
Issaquah PhotographerIssaquah PhotographerFamily portrait on the stairs of the old house in Redmond

(Folrev Photography) family portrait Issaquah photographer photography portrait Fri, 26 Oct 2018 00:40:20 GMT
Farmer of the Year! Farmer's Almanac has been around since 1818, predicting weather for the year across the US. It defines itself today as a "Time-tested and generations approved, the Farmers’ Almanac is a compendium of knowledge on weather, gardening, cooking, home remedies, managing your household, preserving the earth, and more." For their 200th Anniversary they had a competition to choose the 3 farmers of the year. And one of our "neighbors" won: Andrew Stout from Full Circle Farm in Carnation. 

I had the privilege to make an environmental portrait session with him for the publication. It was on one of those rainy early spring days we had this year. 

I really enjoyed meeting Andrew and working with Farmer's Almanac. It was certainly a bit different than other Environmental Executive portrait sessions, and a more challenging one, but a fun one indeed. Here are a few pictures from that session. 

Farmers's Almanach: Farmer of the year!Farmer of the Year

  Farmers's Almanach: Farmer of the year!Farmer of the Year       Farmers's Almanach: Farmer of the year!Farmer of the Year Farmers's Almanach: Farmer of the year!Farmer of the Year Farmers's Almanach: Farmer of the year!Farmer of the Year

If you want to know more about Farmer's Almanac, about Andrew Stout and his Farmer of the Year win, follow this link:


(Folrev Photography) carnation environmental portrait executive portrait farmer of the year portrait Thu, 31 Aug 2017 02:00:00 GMT
Are you ready for your senior year? Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1369Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1369Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1369


My daughter helped me on this one! She's a senior already! Make up and styling by herself :)


(Folrev Photography) girl issaquah portrait senior Thu, 24 Aug 2017 00:41:58 GMT
Family photography in Kirkland under drizzle For this family session, we went for a rural look

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland PhotographerWestern style family portrait

Families comes sometime with a pet. In this session we had a sweet old dog joining us. Sadly, he was not very interested in being in the pictures... Kirkland Portrait PhotographerPortrait of a child and her dog

  Family portrait in front of a barn in Kirkland,WAFamily portrait in front of a barn in Kirkland,WA Family portrait in KirklandFamily portrait in Kirkland

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland Portrait with flowers Black and white child portrait  PhotographerBlack and white child portrait PhotographerPortrait of a 8 year old girl

I like the colors of the retro gas pump. And then it was used to cover the family and protect them from the rain!

Kirkland PhotographerKirkland PhotographerFamily portrait in a vintage gas station

Nothing beats a real and honest laugh... which in this case happened when the rain started to fall...

Kirkland Family PhotographerKirkland Family PhotographerPortrait of happy family

(Folrev Photography) family family photography family portraits kids portrait Kirkland photography portrait Sat, 23 Jul 2016 18:45:00 GMT
Family photography in Kirkland A family portrait is always a great opportunity to celebrate your family, nuclear or extended!

3-generations family portrait3-generations family portrait

During summer or early fall, I often try to schedule the session early or late during the day for a better, smoother light. This is much easier without young children. 

  Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0594Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0594Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0594 Portrait of a Tween in a parkPortrait of a Tween in a park Portrait of a young teenagerPortrait of a young teenager

For this family, gray skies gave us some perfect light. One of the best moments in a family session is often when I have the chance to capture the siblings together, mixing static and dynamic shots.

Artistic portrait on a tree in KirklandArtistic portrait on a tree in Kirkland Portraits of Kids jumpingPortraits of Kids jumping3 siblings (teen, tween and child) jumping together in a Kirkland park

Having some movement in the family is always a fun addition!

Tween Photography- Kirkland, WATween Photography- Kirkland, WA   Walking family portrait in Kirkland,WAWalking family portrait in Kirkland,WA

Let's finish this post with my favorite portrait of the family that day:

Family photography in KirklandFamily photography in Kirkland

(Folrev Photography) family family photography family portraits Kirkland photography portrait tween portraits Sat, 09 Jul 2016 17:55:00 GMT
Senior photo session in Bellevue It's never too late to post about a great session from late last fall :)

Senior Portrait on Eastside Seattle,WA

When we first talked during the consultation, Paul explained to me that he did not like what other's did for their Senior pictures. He was looking for something more fashion-oriented, as fashion is something he is passionate about, as you can see with his red blazer and his pink shoes!

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0950Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0950Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0950

This is my favorite picture. He just fit into the glass décor: the suit, the hair, even the nice contrast of color between the green glass and the red jacket!

The next picture is the most like fashion photography while still having as aspects of a classic portrait.

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0949Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0949Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0949 The balance between a portrait that highlights the person and a fashion photo that highlights the clothes is difficult to find. The other pictures (all taken in Bellevue) mix some fashion elements with some more traditional "senior" pictures.

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0951Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0951Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0951

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1148Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1148Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1148 Kirkland PhotographerKirkland Photographer20151005-_DSC0139

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1151Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1151Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1151 Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1150Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1150Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1150

It has been a real pleasure to work with Paul and I wish him the best in his next adventures!

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0952Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0952Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0952

(Folrev Photography) Bellevue High School Kirkland photography portrait Senior Photography Senior pictures Senior portrait Wed, 08 Jun 2016 00:45:00 GMT
The 7 steps to a great profile picture (a.k.a the Headshot) Your profile picture can be one of the most important elements of your LinkedIn presence. Linkedin tells us that just having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others! Yes 14 times! So having a photo is the first step of having a social media presence! On Twitter the message is clear; if don’t have a profile photo, your avatar is an ‘egg’: you haven’t hatched into the social media world.   

From your profile picture (or lack of thereof), before anyone reads a single word from your profile, they've already formed an opinion of you.

That is because the first thing someone sees is your photo! We have all seen those profiles where the profile pictures are of their pets, or group photos where we cannot tell who's profile it is. The worst, of course, is the creepy hand on the shoulder that belongs to someone else.

Your profile photograph can also make the difference between someone reading through your profile, or not. This is true for Linkedin, but equally true for any web profile, on twitter or on your company website.

But why should you care who is looking at your business profile anyway? The simple answer is: Your Future!

Concretely, the person looking at your business profile is someone who wants to know more about you. This might be a recruiter, but if you are a recruiter or a hiring manager: a potential candidate. It might also be a future customer, a future business partner, a future co-worker, a business referral etc.  

You want a great profile picture for a positive impact on your future. So what is a great professional profile picture? It's a high quality photo that depicts who you are in a professional context, and only that.  This all goes back to branding: what do you want your contact (recruiter, client, partner...) to remember you by?

Remember: A profile picture is a portrait for people you don't know you well or at all. And as such, it should follow different rules than a regular portrait.

So here are 7 steps to a great Social Media profile picture: Kirkland Studio Headshot on Dark BackgroundKirkland Studio Headshot on Dark Background

1. Have someone else take the picture

Repurposing a private picture is not a good idea. For example, let’s take your vacation photo. It can be tempting: You look relaxed, have a nice tan and a genuine smile. But is your personal brand about vacation, about wearing Hawaiian shirts? Also, you will rarely get a headshot from your vacations, so you’ll need heavy crop which may give poor quality.

Selfies definitely will not work. They will always look cheap and unprofessional at best.

So, you’ll need someone who knows how to make a good portrait to do that for you with the specific intent of making a business headshot.

2. Be yourself

Have you ever had the experience of first seeing someone’s Facebook or LinkedIn picture online and then meeting them in person only to find that they look completely different (for better…or for worse)? If yes, you know it can be upsetting and even make you question their integrity.

So, make sure your LinkedIn profile picture is up-to-date (within the past few years) and reflects how you look on a daily basis – your hair, glasses, makeup, etc.

3. Wear what you’d wear to work

Wear clothes that match the level of dressiness at your office, Monday through Thursday, maybe just slightly better. If you work at a startup and wear sweatshirts every day, you should probably step it up a notch, but definitely not to the point of wearing a suit and a tie. Worn out tee-shirts or tuxedos are never good ideas.  You don’t want to be over or underdressed.

 Remember to look like yourself, on your best day :) Female business business profile pictureFemale business Headshot

4. Choose the right expression

The right expression depends of your audience. But in general, in Linkedin, the best approach is "smile with your eyes" or smize. You want to appear warm, friendly and confident. You don’t have to wear a big goofy grin if that feels unnatural, but don’t look too serious or sad. Ideally, people will be able to imagine having a pleasant conversation with you.  You can always ask your photographer for advice.

If you are an active job seeker, you may want to use a professional but not a business headshot for your non-business social media presence (e.g. Facebook etc.) That would be the place to show that big goofy grin that your good friends know :)

5. Fill the frame with you face

No one cares about the third button down on your jacket. They aren’t likely to need to know what the top of your hair looks like. If they are scanning on their smart phone looking through photos of the 342 men named John Smith in the Seattle area on LinkedIn, they aren’t going to recognize you from the shot of you on the top of Mount Rainier. A profile picture is a headshot: cropped from just below the shoulders to no higher than just above your head. I even crop into the top of the head in many cases.

Of course for a website''s profile picture, you might be able to chose a wider crop (if you have a larger space), but don't go too wide. Again, in general people are interested by the most expressive parts of yourself: your face, and to a lesser extent your hands.

6. Choose a simple, plain, neutral background Young professional business headshotYoung professional

After you put all that effort into having the perfect expression, you don’t want anything to distract from your face. Keep the background simple so that you are the focal point. Black or white are my preferred choice, although there are many other options. A studio is perfect for that, because with great light and a choice of simple backdrops you'll get flattering images that focuses on you.

7. Stay away from over processing

It's perfectly feasible to bring you 10 or 20 years back with Photoshop if you are in your 50s. I've done that at customer request, but against my advice. I'm kind of repeating myself but remember it's all about looking like yourself, on your best day, currently! So, remove pimples: yes. Soften some wrinkles: yes. Remove permanent scars: no. Make you look 20 years younger: no.

Color or Black and White? Some people have strong opinion for or against either one. I don’t. I would say, go with Black and White only if you like it, and if it is consistent with your brand. For example, it might be more consistent with a 45 years old artistic director personal brand than of a junior sales rep.

Go with the Pro! Bellevue Business Executive HeadshotBellevue Business Executive Headshot



In summary, to increase your response and referral rates, invest in your profile picture. It’s your first chance to communicate that you are friendly, likeable, and trustworthy. These attributes are crucial to getting prospects to engage with you. Think of it as your first step to building your personal brand on professional social media and making yourself stand out from the crowd of your peers.

Maybe I should have started with this: If you don't want to remember this, if you have better things to do with your friends, if you want results, use a professional photographer that will coach you before and during the session and will give you professional results.

Check to see how we can help!

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Sportkid of the year? A few days ago, I have been asked to get headshots of Cooper. Cooper 14 is a speedskater, a true champion, world records holder and a great kid. He is now competing to become Sport Illustrated Sportkid of the year!! He is competing against other amazing kids.

You can help him by voting for our local champion: before Oct 13th

Young Athlete headshotYoung Athlete headshotCooper, Ice Skating Champion Young Athlete headshotYoung Athlete headshotCooper, Ice Skating Champion Young Athlete headshotYoung Athlete headshotCooper, Ice Skating Champion

(Folrev Photography) Athlete Champion Headshot Kirkland Kirkland Photography Teen portrait tween Wed, 30 Sep 2015 04:55:45 GMT
Senior Photography at the beach | Kirland Photographer With August almost over and Senior sessions coming up,  I was just thinking about this beautiful session form last year!

We went an early morning on a beach to get that beautiful morning light. This can be a challenge for some seniors, but I think it was worth it! Anyway here are some of my (and her) favorite pictures!

High School senior portrait - On the beach   High School senior portrait - On the beach

Eastside senior portrait - In the fields Kirkland senior portrait - On the beach   Kirkland senior photography - On a log   

Even if I posted some pictures of this session somewhere else, but like most of the time, I did not blog about it. Bragging is not my forte, I guess.

(Folrev Photography) Bellevue High School Kirkland Senior Photography beach morning light outdoor photography portrait Sat, 22 Aug 2015 01:28:49 GMT
Kirkland Summerfest 2015 This year again, I've been roaming around downtown Kirkland with my camera during Summerfest. Kirkland Summerfest is a very special event, the summer family oriented event organized by Kirkland Downtown Association and Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.

It's a very creative event with experienced street performers...

Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

Young musicians...

Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

art exhibitions and even collaborative art projects

Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

Kirkland Summerfest is a great opportunities for adults to enjoy a beer and listen music... Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

... and for kids to have fun too!

Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424) Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424) Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424) Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

It brings about 50,000 visitors from all Eastside and beyond and requires the help of a lot of volunteers of all ages.

Summerfest  2015 - KIRKLAND PhotographySummerfest (7424)

For me, summerfest is a way to give back to the Kirkland community...

Much More pictures are available in the gallery!

or watch the Slideshow below

(Folrev Photography) Kirkland Kirkland summerfest 2015 photos Kirkland summerfest 2015 pictures event giving back photography Fri, 14 Aug 2015 00:00:30 GMT
Tween Portraits: The bakers (part 2) After some fun but classical pictures, we had to try something completely different.

The boys went to change clothes, and enjoyed a well deserved break watching a cartoon in our Sofa room while I prepared the studio for something unusual. I spread everywhere some painter plastic drop sheets, including on the walls (except the one we used for background,) and move the lights a bit further away from the action.

We started with a "before" pictures

photo of two older children in Kirkland20150213-_DSC6222

And then we brought the flour!

Photography of two kids having fun - Kirkland Photography20150213-_DSC6228

It did not take long before turning into a flour fight

Kirkland Photographer - Portrait of a child under flourKirkland Photographer / Neville - Jackson - 2120150213-_DSC6262

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0703Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0703Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0703

The kids had a blast. Something they always wanted to do when baking, but never dared to!

I was happy to have protected everything, including the caremara! One piece of advice: Do NOT try this at home :)

     Kirkland Tween Photography / Flour fightKirkland Photographer / Neville - Jackson - 20   

We now had to finish with a few "after" pictures!

Kirkland Photographer - After - child portraitKirkland Photographer20150213-_DSC6277 Kirkland Photography - after - preadolescent portraitKirkland Photographer20150213-_DSC6278

It made a great addition to the session's album...

Kirkland Photographer - Session albumKirkland Photographer20150319-_DSC7471

which compliments the beautiful pictures chosen for the canvases.

Kirkland Photographer - Session album and canvasKirkland Photographer20150319-_DSC7473

(Folrev Photography) Kirkland Kirkland Photography Kirkland photography studio Redmond children photography brothers family photography flour photography portrait studio Wed, 05 Aug 2015 03:32:13 GMT
Children Portraits: The bakers (part 1) The goal of a portrait is to capture the essence of a person. For preadolescents/tweens it is a very interesting challenge because this is an age where kids are typically very active, like to do many different things. 

During the initial consultation, when we discuss what these two kids like to do, many things came up (soccer, math, reading, xbox, and more but one thing grabbed my attention: They like to bake.

Of course we could not do baking in the studio but I had an idea :)

But before, I wanted to get some more traditional pictures:

Kirkland Photographer - Classic children photographyKirkland Photographer- Classic children photography20150213-_DSC5994

Or like I prefer with more interactions:

Portrait Two brothersPortrait of Two brothers20150213-_DSC5999

We made  individual photos some serious, some not so much.

Kirkland photography of a serious kidKirkland photography of a serious kid20150213-_DSC6148 Kirkland photography of a laughing boyKirkland photography of a laughing boy20150213-_DSC6125

And less traditional siblings pictures like the Xbox themed one.

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0687Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0687Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0687

Or even less traditional. These kids had a lot of energy!

Kirkland Photographer / brothers playing with XboxKirkland Photographer / brothers playing Xbox

These 2 boys were amazing! So, as energy level was going high, we had the mandatory crazy faces picture, just for the fun!

Kirkland photography: Kids doing crazy facesKirkland photography: Kids doing crazy facesKirkland Studio photography

The two brothers never stopped playing together. As I was trying to direct them, they just started their own game!

Kirkland Photographer / Kids playingKirkland Photographer / Kids playing20150213-_DSC6186

As the boys were slowing down before a break, we made some great images like this one on black and white:

Kirkland Photographer- Black and white portraitKirkland Photographer- Black and white portrait20150213-_DSC6208

In part 2, we'll see what we did to celebrate their passion for baking!

(Folrev Photography) Kirkland Kirkland Photography Kirkland photography studio Redmond children photography children portrait family photography photography portrait Wed, 03 Jun 2015 23:32:21 GMT
Seahawks Rally in Kirkland By a nice January Saturday in Kirkland, in the city where the Seahawks were first headquartered, the 12s rallied in honor of our team, to celebrate what had been another great season, and to send some good vibes to Arizona just before the Superbowl!

As every recent events organized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown association, this was a fun event, with cool activities, including costume contests,

_DSC5448_DSC5448 _DSC5486_DSC5486 _DSC5528_DSC5528

photos in the huge 12 truck _DSC5529_DSC5529

or at the 12th Fan Porsche _DSC5852_DSC5852    

Playing with a giant football _DSC5879_DSC5879 and live music!



Even if we had been all disappointed by the outcome of the game, that event will remain a great memory!

Much More photos are available at:


(Folrev Photography) Event Kirkland Public Seahawks photography rally Wed, 04 Feb 2015 00:33:24 GMT
Happy New Year 2015 With some delays*, I'd like to wish you all a great year 2015! Let the Blue Angels bring you to a better year full of great photos and positive memories!

Happy 2015!!Happy 2015!!Pierre, Kirkland Photographer, wishes you a happy new year! (photo of the Blue Angels on the sky of Seattle - Aug 2014)

*in France, it is the norm to send wishes between January 1st to January 30th

(Folrev Photography) Seattle blue angels personal photography Sat, 17 Jan 2015 04:09:02 GMT
A very special Senior Session A very special senior session indeed! This was with my middle daughter Manon, who is senior at Interlake High School this year.

Manon is a an accomplished athlete, captain of the Interlake Gymnastic team last year, leading them to their best season on the records. She is very smart, is planning to study in the medical field, and deeply involved in the community, volunteering her time on various projects (like SAMBICA last summer). She is also on the preferred babysitter list of any child she had babysat.

Manon wanted an outdoor session, so we went out to explore the beautiful Kirkland. We ended up with way too many pictures, which I'm often guilty of :) So here are some of my favorite pictures of my favorite senior this year!  

HS Senior backlit Girl between walls Kirkland Portrait Black and White senior picture Senior against a blue wall in Kirkland Holding recipe for friendship in kirkland At a coffee table in Kirkland Rural portrait A senior portrait in a farm near Kirkland Against an old gas pump - Interlake student Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0497Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0497Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0497 Laughing hard! Portrait in Kirkland!

(Folrev Photography) High School Interlake Kirkland Kirkland photography portrait senior pictures Tue, 07 Oct 2014 22:42:04 GMT
Robert, HS Senior, Entrepreneur and helicopter pilot It's not so often that I have the opportunity to portrait an Helicopter pilot, even in training, but when that pilot is a high school senior, it's kind of a unique opportunity.

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0446Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0446Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0446

The hour of the fly lesson dictated the time of the session. And we had to deal with a bright sunny day when the sun was at its highest, on a mid-summer day.

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0447Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0447Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0447 High School picture of a boy against a metal doorHigh School picture of a boy against a metal door Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0449Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0449Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0449 Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0511Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0511Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0511 Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0448Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0448Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0448 Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0459Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0459Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0459 Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0452Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0452Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0452

Last stop was was around noon, and Robert wanted some pictures against the Seattle skyline where he headquartered his business. 

High School senior portrait against Seattle skylineHigh School senior portrait against Seattle skyline

It was technically challenging, but what a fun session, and a great time with this young man!

(Folrev Photography) High School Redmond Seattle skyline helicopter pilot pictures portrait Thu, 25 Sep 2014 01:32:19 GMT
Bellevue Family portrait in Redmond This summer I had the privilege to capture this family from Bellevue. Like with every family, the challenge was to get everyone available at the same time! But when we finaly solved this puzzle, it was a bliss!

Senior High School portrait in RedmondSenior High School portrait in Redmond    Sister and brother - Redmond Family PhotographySister and brother - Redmond Family Photography

We went to Idylwood park, on lake Sammamish in Redmond, one of my favorite park!

Family photographer in RedomdFamily photographer in Redomd

With its large grass field and beautiful trees, it makes a great location for family or HS Senior pictures!

Family photography in RedmondFamily photography in Redmond

Picture of siblings in RedmondPicture of siblings in Redmond

The two teenagers are going to Interlake High School this year. It is great to see happy teenagers!

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0472Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0472Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0472    Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0470Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0470Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0470

Brother and sister - Kirkland PhotographyBrother and sister - Kirkland Photography

Brother and sister in RedmondBrother and sister in Redmond

Their last family portrait done by a professional was from 12 years ago! It's good to know that they have more recent images now to decorate their walls :)

Husband and wife - Family photographerHusband and wife - Family photographer

(Folrev Photography) Bellevue Redmond Redmond family photographer family photography portrait Sat, 13 Sep 2014 22:03:33 GMT
Refreshment: Swimming pool photography! With the long hot days of summer, what's better than a plunge in the swimming pool? 

I made these pictures with my daughter one night. Enjoy, relax, stay cool and have a great Summer!

Night Swimming pool photography - in the spotlightNight Swimming pool photography Night Swimming pool photography - PlungeNight Swimming pool photography Night Swimming pool photography - RocketNight Swimming pool photography Night Swimming pool photography - StillnessNight Swimming pool photography Night Swimming pool photography - Flying awayNight Swimming pool photography


Night Swimming pool photographyNight Swimming pool photography

(Folrev Photography) Kirkland Photographer Moody photography Night Photography Swimming pool Teenager Tue, 29 Jul 2014 23:58:34 GMT
{Kirkland Photography} Session with Crystal  

Crystal, (a.k.a. Kimmie) is a beautiful Interlake High School Student. And no, she is not a professional model as couple of my friends suggested. Crystal is an amazing person to be around, always smiling, always positive!

Kirkland Senior photoBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0219Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0219 Senior PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0218Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0218

She's passionate about track and field, as well as music. Crystal used to play the violin  but nowadays she told me that she is mostly into singing.

Redmond Senior PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0220Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0220 Senior PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0226Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0226

Crystal's perfect Saturday would either be hanging out with family, whether it be staying in and just watching movies, going out on hikes or walking around downtown Seattle, or hanging out with friends, catching a movie and dinner, hanging out at the mall, etc.

Kirkland Senior PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0228Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0228 Best Senior PictureBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0229Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0229

She does not have one favorite quote, but two!:
"Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort" -Theodore Roosevelt
"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." -Albert Einstein

Redmond Senior PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0227Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0227 High-School Senior PhotoBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0224Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0224

She listens mostly to Indie pop (Lana Del Rey and Lorde) and Alternative Rock (Two Door Cinema Club). I have to admit I never heard about those bands prior to meeting Crystal!


Redmond Senior PictureBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0250Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0250

Happy 4th of July!

High-School Senior PhotoBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0262Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0262


(Folrev Photography) High School Interlake Senior Kirkland photo Studio Kirkland photographer Senior photography Thu, 03 Jul 2014 16:15:00 GMT
Interlake's Senior Jazmyne a.k.a. Jazzy Jazmine, or Jazzy is a beautiful, tall, quiet, happy, optimist, generous teenager. She attends Interlake High School.

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0401Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0401Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0401 Flying Hair - Senior Photography  Flying Hair - Senior Photography

She likes gymnastic, although she is more into watching it, than practicing it, these days.  

Studio portrait of a SeniorStudio portrait of a Senior Portrait of a Self-Confident teenager on a chairSelf-Confident teenager on a chair

She enjoys modeling and she definitely have talents for that! When she came to my studio in Kirkland, she wanted to start a portfolio.

Portrait of a Senior against of the wallPortrait of a Senior against of the wall

Her best day off is all about doing random thing with her best friend. She told me she can be lazzy at time. That's not uncommon for a teenager, but that's not the reason she's laying down on the floor :)

Kirkland Senior posing as in a fashion shootKirkland Senior posing as in a fashion shoot

Jazmine enjoys Art! She especially likes oil pastel and pencil.

Portrait of a teenager in a white dressPortrait of a teenager in a white dress Kirkland Senior photoBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0254Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0254

Her favorite quote is a great one: "Getting what you want is not nearly as important  as giving what you have" -Tom Krause


(Folrev Photography) High School Interlake Senior Kirkland photo Studio Kirkland photographer Senior photography Tue, 24 Jun 2014 23:00:00 GMT
{Kirkland Photography} Meet Interlake Student: Alice Alice is a student at Interlake High School, in Bellevue, and part of the Gymnastic team there with my daughter Manon!

She love outdoors, so we use the low sun to make some photos just outside the studio.

High School Senior resting on a tree,  in KirklandHigh School Senior resting on a tree, in Kirkland Back lit portrait photo of a Senior student in KirklandBack lit portrait photo of a Senior student in Kirkland Photography of a teenager enjoying the sun in KirklandPhotography of a teenager enjoying the sun in Kirkland Photograph of an Interlake high-school student on the stairs of the Kirkland Art centerPhotograph of an Interlake high-school student on the stairs of the Kirkland Art center

Alice is a very optimistic and positive person, and I rarely saw her not smiling during the session! And no surprise her favorite quote is "When one door is closed, don't you know, another is open." from Bob Marley.

Portrait of a Senior seated on a stool in the Kirkland photo studioPortrait of a Senior seated on a stool in the Kirkland photo studio High School Senior with her mother! - KirklandHigh School Senior with her mother! - Kirkland

Although a perfect week-end for her would be to somewhere outdoors with friends, we had fun in the studio, where we had her mom join for a few photos and friends too, below my daughter Manon!

Senior PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0231Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0231

(Folrev Photography) Bellevue Senior High School Interlake Kirkland Kirkland Portrait Studio Kirkland Senior photographer Kirkland parks Senior Photography portrait Tue, 17 Jun 2014 23:00:00 GMT
{Kirkland Senior Photography} Divya Divya is an International Highschool student in Bellevue, WA who came last quarter. She likes listening to rap, hip hop.and all electronic music. And she loves doing shopping with her friends!

Senior Photo in the park  - by Kirkland Photographer Pierre Pensive image of a High School seniorPensive image of a High School senior

Divya likes wearing casual clothes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time, perfect for outdoors. She tends to add accessories to her outfits such as watches, bracelets, and/or earrings.

Photo of an International High School senior in the park!Bellevue High School senior Beautiful young women looking back - Photographed in Kirkland

 Since it was a nice winter, she also adds jackets and boots and even hats. She definitely likes wearing all different kinds of attire, casual and sometimes fancy.

Serious pose in a Black & White image - Kirkland Photo studioSerious pose in a Black & White image - Kirkland Photo studio International High School (Bellevue,WA) senior seated by the chair in our Kirkland StudioHigh School senior seated by the chair in our Kirkland Studio

Divya is most passionate about swimming and cheerleading, competitively, and wanted some photos with her cheerleading attire, with some action shots! Here is one of them:

Interlake Cheerleader jump - DivyaInterlake Cheerleader jump - DivyaCheerleader Senior making a jump to cheer the photgrapher :)

Her favorite quote?: "Clean thoughts, clean speech, clean habits; work hard, play fair" by Prof Rogers.

(Folrev Photography) Bellevue Senior International High School Outdoor Senior photo cheerleader kirkland Photography kirkland photo studio Thu, 12 Jun 2014 22:58:24 GMT
Redmond Family Photography: the D. Family These are the photo from a past session with the Dibble Family. We went to the beautiful Grasslawn park in Redmond, just after some heavy rain :)

Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0109Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0109Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0109 Family Portrait PhotographyBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0110Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0110

They came with their 2 beautiful golden retrievers who took part of the posed part of the session. Kirkland Child PhotographyBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0275Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0275 Professional Family PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0316Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0316

The multiple playgrounds of that Redmond park offers many photographic opportunities!

Professional child portrait - playground in RedmondBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0111Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0111 Kids PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0276Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0276 Redmond Family pictureBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0113Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0113 Family PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0317Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0317 Redmond Family pictureBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0114Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0114 Family PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0115Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0115 Professional Family PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0320Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0320

I'm not sure who was laughing harder... Dad? or Son? or was it me?

(Folrev Photography) Grass Lawn Park Kirkland Children Photographer Kirkland Family Photographer Redmond family photography kid portrait Wed, 14 May 2014 21:11:42 GMT
Kirkland Senior Photography with Lund Meet High School student Lund.

Lund is a very positive person, who can see the bright side of every situation. She knows how to bring a smile to everyone face, I believe. I know she did bring a lot of smiles from me :) 

High-School Senior PhotoBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0178Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0178 Kirkland Senior photoBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0177Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0177

Kirkland Senior photoBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0174Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0174

She has multiple looks from, free the people (which is bohemian lifestyle brand) to a Seahawks jersey on Sunday. However she dresses she remains feminine, chic, and elegant. With her mother working in the fashion industry, it seems her sense of style rubs off on Lund when it comes to clothing.

Redmond Senior PictureBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0171Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0171 Redmond Senior PictureBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0173Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0173

She is a very passionate soccer player. 

Redmond Senior PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0169Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0169   Best Senior PictureBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0168Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0168

And enjoys taking photos on her free time. I am sure she enjoys taking portraits of her little brothers.

Senior + Family PortraitBellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0167Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 0167

Thanks Lund for this great session, and a special thanks to the brothers for waiting very quietly during the session!


(Folrev Photography) High School Interlake Kirkland Photography Kirkland Seniors Photographer Senior Portrait Wed, 07 May 2014 22:40:20 GMT
Kirkland Senior Photography with Manya Manya came along with Jessica. So we improvised a little session with her too!

Kirkland Senior PhotographyTwo High School Seniors

She is a beautiful Junior attending Lake Washington High School

Kirkland Senior Portrait Kirkland Senior Photography

Manya is a big fan of Macklemore & Lewis! We played their Album pretty loud in the studio! A good thing that the neighbors weren't there!

Kirkland Senior Portrait

When Manya is is not smiling, it is because she is laughing, or maybe dancing!

Kirkland Senior PhotographyOn a chair

Well, she managed to remain almost serious for a couple of poses!

(Folrev Photography) High School Kirkland Kirkland Seniors Photographer Senior Photography Senior portrait Studio Wed, 23 Apr 2014 19:30:00 GMT
The fun of Event Photography I don't do much  event photography, but when I do, it's always a good opportunity for some great candid shots. Last one I did was last month for the French Fest in Seattle, the celebration of the French speaking countries, people and cultures at the Seattle center. 

Being French, it had some special value to me. If you missed it, here is briefly what it is all about. First We had music and dances show from Tahti:

B&W Seattle event photography - Dancers  

or from Africa:

B&W Seattle event photography - African RythmB&W Seattle event photography - African Rythm

... and from many more places. The kids were all fascinated:

B&W Seattle event photography - Candid Children Photography B&W Seattle event photography - Candid Children PortraitB&W Seattle event photography - Candid Children Photography

The shiest stayed with their family:

B&W Seattle event photography - Candid Family Photography

Some older kids were volunteering their time and talents to talk about the school they were going to: 

B&W Seattle event photography - Candid Children Photography

Or were organizing some activities for the youngest ones:

B&W Seattle event photography - Candid Children Photography

Some adults were more studious while they practice "la Dictée":

Others were looking to find a used book to read in French:

Obviously, food being an important part of the French speaking cultures, no one could have missed the "Moules Frites"stand or the 2nd edition of the "best baguette competition!"


T B&W Seattle event photography - Food Photography B&W Seattle event photography - Candid Kid PhotographyB&W Seattle event photography - Candid Child Photography

Bon Appetit!

(Folrev Photography) FrenchFest Seattle candid photography Wed, 09 Apr 2014 23:37:16 GMT
{Kirkland Photography} Jessica Jessica is a funny, talkative teenager from Interlake. She brought her friend Manya to the session

Studio Senior PortraitStudio Senior PortraitSenior Portrait, Interlake High School; Folrev Photography, 2014

Jessica enjoys running on track, and says she enjoys watching swim, but she did not tell who :).

Kirkland Senior PortraitStudio Senior PortraitSenior Portrait, Interlake High School; Folrev Photography, 2014

She enjoys  most hanging out with her friends. Whether  at the mall or outside near the water, as long as she is not worrying about homework!

Studio Senior PhotographyStudio Senior PortraitSenior Portrait, Interlake High School; Folrev Photography, 2014

He favorite quote is from Thomas Jefferson: 

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."

Kirkland Senior PhotographyStudio Senior PortraitSenior Portrait, Interlake High School; Folrev Photography, 2014

She also likes this one from Frank Sinatra: "The best revenge is massive success."
 That's all I could wish for Jessica!
(Folrev Photography) High School Interlake Kirkland Senior Photography Senior portrait Studio Mon, 07 Apr 2014 23:15:00 GMT
Textures of the Train Depot in Snoqualmie - Part 2 The different layers of textures with these tones mase of vegetal (moss, fern and trees), metal (rusted or not) and paints interreested nme in the first place!

I'd wish it was possible to get into the yard, but the photos were taken from the road.


Part 1 is here:

(Folrev Photography) Personal Snoqualmie Train images rust textures Mon, 07 Apr 2014 05:02:57 GMT
Textures of the Train Depot in Snoqualmie - Part 1 Part of the very interresting Snoqualmie's Rail Museum (a.k.a. Northwest Railway Museum), is a yard full of crumbling historic locomotives and cars. It can be seen along the road. I believe most of these trains are beyond repair, but are fascinating with their beautiful color and textures.

  Snoqualmie Train Depot Snoqualmie Train Depot Snoqualmie Train Depot

(Folrev Photography) Personal Snoqualmie Train images rust Sat, 22 Mar 2014 20:15:27 GMT
Senior Session with Emily Emily is an energetic, smart fun and confident teenager. And I like how this shows through the photos.

Emily is passionate about music and play piano. She also plays Junior Varsity Badminton.

Black and White Senior Photography   Senior PortraitSenior Portrait; Folrev Photography, 2014

She defines her perfect Saturday as spending the day chilling out and walking around Downtown Bellevue, hanging out with friends. Kirkland Senior Photography

Her favorite quote: "Never give up, stay focused, stay positive, stay strong"

Looking forward, she hopes to get into either NYU, Fordham University, UCLA, or UW and earn a Master's Degree in Finance/Marketing, just to start!

Kirkland Senior PortraitSenior Portrait; Folrev Photography, 2014 Bellevue Senior Photo


(Folrev Photography) Asian Girl High School Interlake Kirkland Senior Photography Senior portrait Studio Sat, 15 Mar 2014 00:46:18 GMT
The Benefits of software simulation Simulation? what for?

Hanging a portrait on wall is easy with the ready-to-hang portraits we produce, but choosing the right size, and the right position is somewhat harder. Traditionally, it is hard to figure if things will be too small or too big until you receive the print.

Then, after a first disappointment of having under or overestimated the size, you have to decide exactly you are going to do with your portraits. And obviously you cannot plant nails in your wall until you find the right place. This is not too hard with one image, but with 3? with 5? 9? You got the point. You better figure it out BEFORE starting to hang your images!

That's exactly why offer a FREE computer based simulation, to create a realistic view of your wall, before ordering your prints!

This a short before after of the wall of my studio:

Software Simulation Left sideSimulation Left side

And then this is the final results with the actual prints:

Actual wallActual wall with prints

How does it work?

To be able to do a simulation, we need a picture of the wall, with just 1 letter-size paper sheet taped to the wall horizontally. A cell phone picture is good enough for that purpose. The sheet will give us a sense of scale.

Initial photo of the wall with paper taped on the wallInitial photo of the wall with paper taped on the wall

Then with a software we'll simulate what we want to accomplish.

Simulation 1Simulation 1

We can explore multiple alternatives, until satisfaction

Simulation 2Simulation 2

Only then, we start preparing the prints and launch the order.

When you receive the prints, you won't have a bad surprise, as the wall will look precisely like what your simulation looks like. Of course you may do some final minor last minute adjustments :) 

Final layout with actual photos hangedFinal layout with actual photos hanged

Interested by this free service?

It's simple. Before (preferably) or after your initial consultation, take a photo of your wall with a paper taped on the wall, like above, and send it to us by email or text! And we'll make some simulations during the Selection appointment.

(Folrev Photography) Kirkland Studio free image photography service Mon, 10 Mar 2014 23:35:23 GMT
Photo Session with Kevin Kevin has two passions: football and philosophy! 

"American football has been a passion it is what has driven me to become what I am today: I would say it taught me my respect for those older than me to understand what kind of person I should be. 

Philosophy is new but so amazing! everything I learn fascinates  me getting to know the thoughts of others being able to question what we call our society as they did their it is one of my hobbies to dress with suits"

Interlake Senior Photography

Kevin has many uncommon hobbies. One of them is to wear suits and ties. And no doubt that he wears them well!

He love Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima, and all music from the 40s-60s!

Kirkland Senior portrait Kirkland Senior photography

Kevin dreams to travel the world and learn about societies while studying native herbal medicines. Kirkland Photography - Interlake Senior

When he is not reading, working or writting poetry, Kevin is practicing and watching a lot of sport. After Football, his favorite sport is Soccer, his favorite team being the Real Madrid. He tries to watch 4 games per week! When he plays with his team they are using the jerseys of major European soccer teams.

Of course, he knew that I coud not resist a picture of him with the O.M. (Marseille, my hometown) jersey, the jersey his team plays with! Interlake Soccer Senior - Kirkland Photography

Having Kevin in my studio was awesome! And yes, boys too can have fun during a senior photo session!  

(Folrev Photography) High School Kirkland Kirkland Seniors Photographer Male Senior portrait studio Thu, 20 Feb 2014 01:18:48 GMT
Cheerleader Lauren S. Lauren is a Chearleader at Interlake High School. She is an ambitious Lacrosse player: her dream would be to play Division 1 Lacrosse at University of Southern California,University of Colorado or University of Maryland.  

Cheerleader Senior PhotographyRelaxing on an Armchair

In summer, when she is not playing Lacrosse, she likes being on a ski boat, wakeboarding with a bunch of family and friends, and enjoying the sun and lake. 

Kirkland Senior Portrait B&W Interlake (Bellevue) Senior Portrait

Lauren is also passionate about music and singing. Her favorite quote is "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. -Tom Hardy(Eames)"

Interlake Cheerleader - Kirkland Senior PortraitPushing Up

(Folrev Photography) High School Interlake Kirkland Seniors Photographer Senior Photography Senior Portrait kirkland studio Mon, 10 Feb 2014 23:29:25 GMT
Senior Portrait with Manon D. Manon is an amazing  senior in Lake Washington High School. She is an accomplished gymnast, who likes hanging out with family and friends, and relax with a hot cocoa in front of a TVshow once in a while!

She came to the photosession knowing that there will be some "getting to use" time for me to get accustomed to new hardware and space in the studio. The weather was so nice that we were able to do a mix session with photos in and just out of the studio.

Her favorite quote is "If plan A doesn't work out- don't worry, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet"

Lake Washington Senior PortraitSenior Portrait in Kirkland Kirkland Senior Photography Studio Senior Portrait in KirklandKirkland; Folrev Photography, 2014 Best Kirkland Senior PortraitBest Kirkland Senior Portrait Kirkland Photography - Lake Washington Senior








































Good luck Manon with your admissions!

(Folrev Photography) High School Kirkland Lake Washington Senior photography Senior portrait Mon, 03 Feb 2014 23:15:00 GMT
Coming Soon: A new Studio in Kirkland A new studio in Kirkland

This is great news! I’m really excited! Having a studio offers more control and tons of new opportunities for me, but more importantly it allows for new and better services for you! For example, customers will have the option of having shorter and more affordable sessions. As a customer, you will be able to view your pictures on a large screen. We will also be able to work independent of the weather, which is fortunate seeing all the rain we get!

I love on-location photography, and I have no intention of quitting, but studio photography brings a different style, with greater control of lights and exterior conditions. This results in more sophisticated pictures.

Most of my clients today live between north Bellevue and Kirkland, and I found the perfect location, easily accessible and easy to park at. It’s next to Heritage Park, at a walking distance from the beautiful downtown Kirkland.

I have the keys :), and I have some great models who came to help me to get familiar with this environment. Expect to see some shots here pretty soon!

Stay tuned for more information on the official opening Early February.

I am looking forward to see you there!

(Folrev Photography) Kirkland Studio photography Fri, 24 Jan 2014 01:00:00 GMT
Redmond Library Exhibition is on! Yes it's on!


If you have a chance to stop by the Redmond Library before March 30th, I'll be honored if you stop by to see the prints that I put on display there :)

Here is w KCLS explains it:  "Pierre began taking photographs at age 13 and got his first all-manualinterchangeable lens film camera at age 16. Since then, he never stopped photographing his surroundings, documenting travels, and capturing special
moments. In his 12 years as a Redmond resident, he had the opportunity toexplore the fantastic landscape of the Cascades, the bustling life of Seattle, the diversity of flowers in Puget Sound area, as well as the many otherbeauties the region has to offer!  In this, his first public show, he offers a new perspective on a wonderful Redmond resource, Idylwood Park."



(Folrev Photography) Ehibition Redmond landscape photography Sun, 12 Jan 2014 08:10:52 GMT
Coming Soon... An Art Exhibition in Redmond Library.

I’m a big fan of landscape and travel photography, but a few years back, I discovere ... too far... too far d an e-book called “Close to Home.” The premise of the book is that given time, we are most apt and creative at photographing our nearby environment.

“It is possible to create something original or different, something out of the ordinary in your own back yard… the extraordinary is everywhere, you only have to stop for a moment and look deeply into the world around you.”

In late 2012, I participated in a photo competition for the Redmond Library, with the task of photographing local landmarks. I guess someone noticed. After discussing with the library management, they agreed to display some of my pictures and we decided on a local theme “Idylwood Beach Park,” a Redmond park located in my vicinity

I’ve amassed a large collection of pictures from my neighborhood, more specifically from Idylwood beach. It’s been tough selecting ten pictures for display. After consideration, I chose the ones that allowed for easy identification of the park while maintaining harmony and Pink reflectionsPink reflections coherence among the images. They were printed on canvas wrap by the same provider I use for my customer orders. They will be on display January 6-March 31, at the Redmond Regional Library (15990 NE 85th St, Redmond, WA 98052). I hope you will enjoy seeing them!

(Folrev Photography) Exhibition Redmond art canvas image photography print Sat, 21 Dec 2013 03:48:53 GMT
Holiday Pet Photography Before Thanksgiving, I worked with All The Best Pet Care on Lake City St in a fundraising project for Old Dog Heaven. 

I did Holiday portrait mini-sessions with cats and dogs for 15 to 20 minutes each.

Working with pets brings its own set of challenges. Then each pet is different. And the challenges were a bit different for a 1.5 yr old Bernese mountain dog than with a 18 year old Manx cat... But that was fun! Then sometimes, the family joined for the picture, and I always enjoy family photography!

Here are a few images from that day:

Small mix dogMeet Foxy Buster, Husky mix dog  with blue eyesMeet Buster, Husky mix with blue eyes Pug dogMet Hazel, the Pug Shiloh shepherd dogMeet Lucy, the Shiloh shepherd dog

 Siamese cat Chloe, the Siamese cat unwrapping the gifts

Basset Hound dogWilson, the Basset Hound

A 2 minute video slideshow is also available here:

Pet Photography Video

Special Thanks to All The Best Pet Care for setting this up, and providing the space. And special thanks to my special assistant of the day: my daughter!


(Folrev Photography) Kirkland Pet Photographer Old Dog Haven Seattle announce cat charity dog image pet photography Wed, 11 Dec 2013 03:42:39 GMT
Holiday Pet Portrait with All the Best Pet Care On November 27th, I will work with All The Best Pet Care in Seattle to craft a portrait of your Pet, and raise money for Old Dog Haven charity, a group of private homes caring for senior dogs all over Western Washington.


Pet Portrait at Lake City on November 27th8050 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98115 206.524.0199

8050 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115











Please contact the store directly to book your session!


(Folrev Photography) Old Dog Haven Seattle announce cat charity dog image pet photography Sun, 17 Nov 2013 02:42:47 GMT
Photographing children and teens with life-altering medical condition With fellow photographers and the Seattle chapter of "Flashes of Hope" charity we went to Camp Korey in Carnation, WA to make a portrait of every child or teenager attending the camp. Camp Korey’s mission is to honor the courage, strength, and determination of children living with serious and life-altering medical conditions and their families; and to provide them with a safe, friendly, medically sound environment in which to simply have fun and be kids.

I was assigned to photograph kids at the end of the zip-line, one of the 2 wheel-chair accessible zip-line in the country.

The excitement, the smiles, and the happiness demonstrated by the kids was truly amazing to me, and although I was a bit nervous before, it ended up being an extremely enjoyable session for everyone.  

Here are a few portraits from this event:   

I wanted to thank again all Camp Korey staff and Flashes of Hope local chapter for giving me this opportunity!

(Folrev Photography) Camp Korey Seattle children handicap ill portrait teenager Tue, 13 Aug 2013 15:30:00 GMT
Wedding: Ashley and Alex - Part 2 In this second part, I'm sharing some more "lifestyle" pictures taken during the wedding.

Details of the the decoration of tables:

The wedding cake toper and Mustache' bowtie:

The Setting:

The Wedding:

Photos with the family and cutting the cake!

First Dance:

At night:

I felt it was a privilege to be able to witness and document this wonderful event in the life of Ashley and Alex and their family! Thank you!

(Folrev Photography) Boat Center Seattle Wooden candid for image wedding Tue, 30 Jul 2013 22:37:31 GMT
Wedding: Ashley and Alex - Part 1 This is my first wedding photo session as the main/only photographer. I was very excited to cover that event! And a bit nervous too! Ashley and Alex were getting married in Seattle at the Center for Wooden Boat. Congratulations to them. They had a fantastic party!


On these photos, Ashley and Alex co-star with Goat and Mustache, their dogs :) 

(Folrev Photography) Center for Wooden Boats Seattle portrait wedding Fri, 26 Jul 2013 05:20:31 GMT
S. & A. Anniversary session I had the opportunity to photograph this S. and A. in Carillon Point (in Kirkland.) Even if the temperature was above normal and the sun brighter that we could have imagined a couple of hours earlier, we had a great time in this fantastic location!

S. and A. were so comfortable in front of the camera and so easy for me to work with that it is hard to believe they never had any photo session since their wedding, many years ago!!

If you are looking for an original present that will last to celebrate an anniversary, why not having a photo session with us?

(Folrev Photography) Carillon Point anniversary couples family kirkland portrait Thu, 18 Jul 2013 23:57:45 GMT
Redmond Photography- Brek and Chi I have the opportunity to photograph these two brothers during the "Celebration of Smiles" fundraising event. They were easy to work with, and very cooperative at an age when not everyone like to have their portrait taken. Brek is a High School Sophomore.

The hardest part was to have the two to pose together :)

 Chi, the middle-schooler is passoniate about basketball and NBA!



(Folrev Photography) Operation Redmond Smile family photography portrait Thu, 23 May 2013 20:37:06 GMT
Mother's Day gift What could be better for mother day than a portrait of the children?

Here we get a beautiful acrylic print, for a modern, clean look! 

We love the photo, and how it looks now in ou wall!

(Folrev Photography) acrylic family personal photography portrait print teen Sat, 18 May 2013 01:18:01 GMT
Portraits for Cancer Patients I was yesterday with other volunteers from the NW Photo LENS group to a charity portrait event in cooperation with Floyd & Delores Jones Cancer Institute at Virginia Mason, offering a free portrait to cancer patients and cancer survivors.

It is an awesome and moving event. These are behind the scene pictures.

Make-up Hair Styling Photo Session Photographer and Assistant Computer station Dr visit

(All photos are photos of volunteers, not patients)

(Folrev Photography) personal photography portrait Thu, 16 May 2013 18:15:05 GMT
Celebration of Smiles - Thank You!! Thank you to Linda, Sandra, Deena, Chi and Brek who got their portrait and helped support Operation Smile charity, and helped save a smile!

PortraitSeattle Redmond Family Portrait PortraitSeattle Redmond Family Portrait

PortraitSeattle Redmond Family Portrait PortraitSeattle Redmond Family Portrait

PortraitSeattle Redmond Family Portrait portrait of brothersSeattle Redmond Family Portrait

I also wanted to thank to Roos Orthodontics in Redmond for their help and for their support in this operation. Special thanks to Miranda, Sandy and Wendie!

(Folrev Photography) Operation Redmond Smile" fundraising headshot photography portrait smile Sat, 27 Apr 2013 03:11:49 GMT
Celebration of Smiles - April 20th - Update I've been asked what is Operation Smile a few times. Please have a look at those 4 short videos to understand the work this Operation Smile non-profit is accomplishing:





On Saturday April 20, 2013, With Roos Orthodontics in Redmond we will host "Celebration of Smiles Day" a wonderful opportunity for you to update individual portraits of your family members and at the same time support the work of Operation Smile, which treats children around the world who suffer with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities.

Along with other participating members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), we have pledged to donate 100% of each $24 donation made to PPA Charities, which has chosen Operation Smile as its charitable partner.

More information,  and booking available on

(Folrev Photography) Operation Smile" fundraising headshot photography portrait smile Tue, 02 Apr 2013 19:19:55 GMT
Celebration of Smiles - April 20th Celebration of Smiles banner I thought you would want to know about a very special promotion we will be participating in with an elite group of photographers from around the country. On Saturday April 20, 2013, With Roos Orthodontics in Redmond we will host "Celebration of Smiles Day" a wonderful opportunity for you to update individual portraits of your family members and at the same time support the work of Operation Smile, which treats children around the world who suffer with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities.

Along with other participating members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), we have pledged to donate 100% of each $24 donation made to PPA Charities, which has chosen Operation Smile as its charitable partner.

Recording the smiles of children and their families is our greatest pleasure. That's why we believe so strongly in the work of Operation Smile. Each year this incredible organization of more than 5,000 volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, and specialized health care professionals, perform free reconstructive surgeries for children suffering with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities.

Every three minutes a child somewhere in the world is born with a facial deformity. One in ten will not survive to see their first birthday. Those who do survive often live in isolation and pain. More than 100,000 children are born with a facial deformity each year in Operation Smile's 26 partner countries. Tens of thousands remain untreated.

We hope you will join with us in helping to make this vital work possible. As always ... I look forward to creating some truly wonderful portraits of you or your family members.

More information, booking available on

(Folrev Photography) Operation Smile" fundraising headshot photography portrait smile Tue, 12 Mar 2013 23:33:10 GMT
Product Q&A I'm often asked what do I recommend for hanging on a wall in term of size, framing and media. The short answer is "it depends." It depends of the wall, of the image(s) and more importantly, of what you like! Here is a short Q&A on that topic. If I did not answer all your questions, please add it as a comment to this blog, or contact us!

Q. What size would you recommend for hanging on our wall?

My first answer would be which wall? Show it to me! In fact, I recommend my clients to send me a picture of their wall before the session so I can design something that will work great on that wall.  The second answer would be, not so big as to not overwhelm the room and not so small that it becomes insignificant. You also need to consider the other art displayed on the wall.

With software, we can simulate the final result with the images scaled to the wall. We can do that with framed or unframed images, for a single image or for a grouping (several images grouped together.) This is very helpful as it helps visualize the final outcome of the prints on the wall when it comes time to order.

Q. Are your prints ready to hang?

All the framed prints, gallery wrap canvases and our metal prints will be indeed ready to hang when I deliver them to you. Because all the paper prints are mounted on an art board and coated, I can add a hanger on the back of small and medium prints so you can hang it as is, too.  

Q. What kind of framing do you offer?

You may choose between two types of frames: the classic and stylish hand-crafted frames or the more creative, whimsical, custom painted frames from Wild Sorbet.  All our framings are custom made and custom painted. 

Framing can make a whole lot of difference in a picture. The mat and the frame together will help the picture breath, while attaching it in its display environment.  For this reason, it is very important for small and medium size prints, outside a grouping.

Depending on the room and the frame style, you may choose to add a protective glass. If you decide not to, all our prints are mounted and coated to protect them against the effect of UV rays, so that they will not be subject to accelerated aging.

Q. Are you selling Canvas Gallery wraps?

Yes! Canvas Gallery wraps offer a unique look that is not available with regular frames.  Because the photograph is printed on canvas, which has more of a woven texture, the photograph has more of a more artistic look. The canvas wrap can also appear three dimensional. In very large prints, it offers a better rendering than paper prints.

Print stability is typically evaluated to be higher than traditional photo paper print. And considering that Canvas wraps do not require framing, it is a competitive option to the traditional framed print. 

Q. Are you selling metal prints?

Yes! Metal print is a somewhat new technique of dye-sublimation where ink is infused into a sheet of aluminum.

Metal prints have many benefits: the colors are extraordinarily vibrant and the depth of the coating gives photos a luminous quality that paper prints can’t achieve.

The prints have an archival value twice superior to paper print and durability without the need for a protective glass. In fact, metal prints are not only scratch-resistant, they are also waterproof. This makes them ideal for hanging in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where paper prints would be susceptible to water damage. Displaying without glass has several advantages: viewing images is more intimate; there is no possibility of breaking the glass during shipment or while on display and the glare is reduced.

This product is also competitive compared to the traditional framed print.

Q. What about books?

With a long family session, it might be a great idea to create small collection of pictures to show at work or to give to the grandparents.  Mini Accordion books are perfect for that. They are portable (3” by 3” or 4" by 6"), displayable, and can hold 10 photos.  The price of the additional copy is heavily discounted to make it an easy gift.

Regular coffee table photo books are also available. Press printed, these books allow a great flexibility in size, number of images, and text that you may want to add to it.

Q. What do you recommend for Black and White?

If you’re like me and like black and white,  I would not recommend Canvases as they are not really appropriate for Black and White due to the risk of color shift, and they look somewhat unnatural.

Prints look just great on a true Black and White traditional Ilford paper, framed or just mounted on a 3/4” black foam board. They are also very impressive on metal.  You may also like the effect of metal print with a sheer finish that allows the surface of the metal to slightly show through giving the image a translucent luminescence.

Q. Are you selling CDs or DVDs?

You can most certainly buy digital images from us. You have the choice between HD resolution (5” by 7” optimized resolution) digital images, or full resolution digital images. 

The HD resolution images are perfect if you’d like to add the image your digital archives, to use the image in a third party book, to print on a business card, for posting on a website, for a card, for a profile picture on social media, or to add as a screen background or screen saver.  The full resolution will print better at larger size, will a go through a full large print editing, and thus will cost significantly more.

With the digital images, comes a license allowing you to use these digital images for personal purpose. For any 5” by 7” or larger print you ordered, you can get the matching HD resolution digital image at a greatly discounted price.  For any other Digital image, there is a minimum order of 10 units.

With new laptops shipped without DVD players, your image files will be delivered on a USB card.

All the images you bought in print and/or file will be posted for you on Facebook for free as well, if you’d like!

(Folrev Photography) framing gallery metal photography print warps Thu, 14 Feb 2013 02:07:31 GMT
M&P family I had a chance to shoot this Seattleite family in their house. The boy was 2 and his big sister 6.

As it shows in the following images, the girl loved to have her pictures taken, while the little guy was a bit shy.

That did not prevented him from having some good laughs!

I think what he liked best was to be in his mom's arms!

On a side note, I'm now using a software that helps builds custom frames and to visualize  the final outcome before ordering.

Those frames are hand made and hand painted. So for each photo, there is an infinite number of combinations.

I like the shape on the one above. And I like that it's called Parisian style :)

It also works with more traditional, mated prints.

It's so easy to change anything, or to build something completely different that all of this can be done during the ordering consultation.

(Folrev Photography) 2yo 6yo Kirkland Family Photographer family framing image indoor kid photography portrait software Sat, 09 Feb 2013 00:00:17 GMT
Scouting locations with my daughters Late last year, I went scouting for locations around. That time I was blessed to have two of my daughters coming with with me! Scouting locations is important for me to better serve my clients, but it's not the most exciting part of the job. Unless I'm with my daughters :-) 

This was in Kirkland, by the way!

Portrait of a Teenage girl (Heritage Park - Kirkland)

Girl jumping in kirkland

(Folrev Photography) family girls image kirkland outdoor personal scouting teen Mon, 14 Jan 2013 23:38:41 GMT
Happy New Year 2013! Happy New Year 2013!

This baby turtle is is just about to take her first bath.  She had made her way out of the sand,  had survived to the vultures, found her way to the water and now full of confidence she's ready fo the big wave to take her in the adventure of her life.

baby turtle starting the new adventure of life

I wish you all a new year full of adventures, happiness, and positive changes!


(Folrev Photography) adventure baby beach personal photography Tue, 08 Jan 2013 18:30:08 GMT
Front cover As a photographer, it's always nice to be published, and thanks to the Getty-Flickr program, many of my travel, nature, food or landscape images had been used in magazines, corporate communication or online. It is however the first time that one of my picture makes it to the cover of a book! Yay!

This is an investigation book by a respected Costa Rican author, M. Soto. Book cover of "la Oscurana" with a photo from Pierre @ Folrev Photography

The photo itself was made a couple years ago, in my town of Redmond, WA!  

(Folrev Photography) Redmond book cover landscape personal publication Wed, 19 Dec 2012 19:55:08 GMT
The black and white family I had the opportunity to photograph this family a couple of weeks before its expected extension! The little girl had a lot of energy, and had been running around non-stop, injecting a lot of dynamism to the session :) I had a lot of fun! 

I really liked how they dressed for the session!


(Folrev Photography) Kirkland Family Photographer Seattle family image indoor maternity photography pregnancy toddler Fri, 14 Dec 2012 01:00:00 GMT
The Five Working with children is fun!  Yes it can be challenging (ask any parent!) And working with a family of 7 (5 kids) is even more fun… And even more challenging! But not with this family: it was so easy! Even the rain was kind enough to not bother us too much, we just had to move indoor! The mother wanted a portrait of the 5 kids altogether before the oldest one move to the university. Here are some shots we came up with:

I guess we needed a picture with the two family's cats, but one of the two insisted that he did not want to have his picture taken!

(Folrev Photography) Issaquah Kirkland Family Photographer family five image indoor photography siblings teens tweens Thu, 06 Dec 2012 18:30:00 GMT
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is really a fantastic tradition that we discovered when we moved here from France. Since our second year here, when a family that we met thru our children’s school invited us to celebrate with them and their family, we have been celebrating it the American way with the same great friends. Turkey, endless diner and all!  And I’m very thankful for that!

I had my camera with me fitted with a normal prime lens. I wanted to capture moments of that day, so I didn't use any flash light, just ambient light.

Here are some candid pictures from our fun and happy afternoon filled with laugher, delicious food, excellent wine and great company!

(Folrev Photography) candid friends personal thanksgiving Tue, 04 Dec 2012 17:44:19 GMT
Pregnancy session with Stacey and Tim I had the chance to to have Stacey and Tim for a pregnancy session. They are expecting a baby girl sometime around Christmas. They are a wonderful couple, and they were so easy to work with!

We met in Kirkland, and although the weather was a bit grey, we were lucky to not have rain!

They were always laughing, nothing could have gone wrong with such happy people! 

I wish them to have big family! but maybe not THAT big!



(Folrev Photography) couple family image outdoor parents-to-be photography pregnancy Thu, 22 Nov 2012 00:06:32 GMT
Begining of new era So this is the beginning of a blog, a new era. I wanted to start this with sharing some images of a session I did with the wonderful Cynthia and her amazing daughter, here in Redmond, a few days ago . Cynthia wanted to create some memories for the 6th birthday of her daughter.

6 Yo Girl and her mom
girl in sun flare girl jumpung with a red ribbon

With a few balloons I got from the Party supplies store nearby we had some great fun too!

A young girl and her teddy bear


We, of course, shot pictures at the playground and many more, but most importantly we had fun! 


(Folrev Photography) balloons black and Red child eastside family image outdoor photography redmond Thu, 15 Nov 2012 01:53:00 GMT