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As English is not my mother tongue and as I'm more of a visual type of person, it will be a short read! I'm using this blog mainly to share images I made for my clients, but also of my family and more. You can expect to see pictures of kids, teens, babies, parents, grand-parents and parents-to-be of course, but also from any kind of photography I do. Because photography is a passion before being a job.

I hope you'll enjoy!

Science behind the headshot (part 2)

How science should impact your headshot? We previously looked at the scientific evidences to explain how the brain works and processes headshots. Now let’s look at what it means for your own headshot: 1. It should be all about your face! The density of visual cues on the face is so much higher than anywhere else, that you need to make sure the vi...
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The Science Behind the Headshot

One Tenth of Second! Imagine you’re home, looking at the pamphlets for the next non-political election of the commissioner of… You scan through the 5 candidates- you may not feel really qualified to judge their ability based on paper, but you’ve done just that… How? According to research by Willis and Todorov published in 2006, it only takes 100 m...
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A Very Special Senior Portrait Session

2017-2018 was the senior year of my 3rd daughter, and she wanted the full package for her Senior Portraits, of course wanting something inspired by fashion images! I realize it's passed senior photo season, but it's never too late to share these pictures:) We started with some images in the studio in Issaquah.... Then we went outside the studio...
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What makes a great (business) headshot?

How great is your headshot? Have you invested or are you ready to invest in a great headshot? Excellent! A headshot is a marketing/branding tool, and as such should have clear objectives. So here are some tips for choosing your headshots Let’s start with a definition of headshot: A headshot is a photograph where the focus is unambiguously one fac...
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Family photography in Redmond early Fall

I don't often post photos from family portrait sessions, but I enjoyed taking photos of this family so much... I could not resist posting these:) Marymoor park is a great location with plenty of cool spots if you wish to stay in Redmond.
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