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Welcome to my Blog!

As English is not my mother tongue and as I'm more of a visual type of person, it will be a short read! I'm using this blog mainly to share images I made for my clients, but also of my family and more. You can expect to see pictures of kids, teens, babies, parents, grand-parents and parents-to-be of course, but also from any kind of photography I do. Because photography is a passion before being a job.

I hope you'll enjoy!

The 7 steps to a great profile picture (a.k.a Headshot)

Your profile picture can be one of the most important elements of your LinkedIn presence. Linkedin tells us that just having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others! Yes 14 times! So having a photo is first step of social media presence! On Twitter the message is clear; if don’t have a profile photo, your avatar is...
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Sportkid of the year?

A few days ago, I have been asked to get headshots of Cooper. Cooper 14 is a speedskater, a true champion, world records holder and a great kid. He is now competing to become Sport Illustrated Sportkid of the year!! He is competing against other amazing kids. You can help him by voting for our local champion: before Oct...
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Senior Photography at the beach | Kirland Photographer

With August almost over and Senior sessions coming up, I was just thinking about this beautiful session form last year! We went an early morning on a beach to get that beautiful morning light. This can be a challenge for some seniors, but I think it was worth it! Anyway here are some of my (and her) favorite pictures! Even if I posted some pi...
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Kirkland Summerfest 2015

This year again, I've been roaming around downtown Kirkland with my camera during Summerfest. Kirkland Summerfest is a very special event, the summer family oriented event organized by Kirkland Downtown Association and Kirkland Chamber of Commerce. It's a very creative event with experienced street performers... Young musicians... art exhibi...
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Tween Portraits: The bakers (part 2)

After some fun but classical pictures, we had to try something completely different. The boys went to change clothes, and enjoyed a well deserved break watching a cartoon in our Sofa room while I prepared the studio for something unusual. I spread everywhere some painter plastic drop sheets, including on the walls (except the one we used for backg...
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