Acting Headshots

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Doing headshot is a great way to get to know you, and to combine our talents to make wonderful images!
Traditionally, an acting/talent headshot is an 8 x 10 sized photo of an actor's face. It is used in order to submit the actor to a specific role, and it is attached to an acting resume. Together they are your introduction to casting directors and agents. More importantly, your headshot is your opportunity to create an emotional connection with the director!

  Best Actor Headshot

A talent headshot should look like you, today. It should be flattering, showing your best features and projecting your personality, and/or the character type you might be portraying.  
Nowadays, talent headshots are not just for actors. Dancers, musicians, performing artists may need a portrait or a headshot to get an audition. Writers may need one for their blog. Athletes may need one too for their social media or for a publication.

Sessions take place in our studio, in Issaquah,WA where we’ll setup music you like. The camera is tethered to a screen so we will see everything as we go. Showing you the photos in real time is an educational tool to get convincing expressions. We’ll approve and delete the images on the spot. By doing this, we can mold the shots specifically for you and you'll know exactly what you’ll be working with when we’re done. Once the session is over, we’ll upload the keepers to your private online gallery that you can share with friends, family, coaches, your agent, or any other industry professional to help you chose the photos that you’ll want to be edited.  

With the Unlimited Acting Headshot, you'll get

  • Modern, happy Headshots that looks like you and that you'll love, 
  • Headshots that will help you achieve more,
  • Great, fun, no-pressure experience in our professional studio on Front street, Issaquah, WA, 3 minutes away from the I-90 exit,
  • Tethered camera to a computer for a more efficient coaching,
  • Virtually no time limits
  • Multiple backdrops,
  • Multiple outfits,
  • In-studio session followed by a 1-1 session advice for image selection,
  • Private online gallery for review with coaches, agent etc.
  • Color and B&W version for each images,
  • As little as two business day turnaround for the finished processed images you order.

What makes a great business headshot?


The session cost is $275 during the week, $325 on weekends. No image are included. Each ordered image is artfully edited and cost $75. Downloadable proof gallery costs $150. Sales Taxes additional; the rate is a function of the client address (typically about 10%.) 

Returning Clients save 20% on the session.


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