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A linkedin profile picture is used to communicate something about you to strangers, to make a first impression. It's the key to your new job. According to the 2016 research from Cornell, judgement made on photos will carry over in a face to face interaction!  

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Professional Headshots: The Headshot Unlimited Experience

A business headshot is your tool to quickly build a positive impression in the online world... and in the offline world!

Whether you are comfortable in front of a camera or not, Pierre will help you become more confident in yourself  through a unique personal brand building head shot experience, where you'll learn, where you'll have fun and where you'll stay in control! Learn more...  


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Professional Headshots: Headshot Express

In a hurry? Get one step closer to your next ideal job with a headshot that promotes you with a simplified all inclusive formula! On selected days, headshots Express will give you the essential to refresh your linkedin profile in less than 30min total. Learn more... 





What do you need to know before your session? Not much, but some important tips will help you get most of your profile picture session.

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