Why Team Headshots?

If your main company asset is your people, why not showing to the world you are proud of them, that you trust them, and that your clients should to! 

This works for multinational consulting firm...

Corporate headshots shows your team, shows your clients, shows your future hires how much you value your team.Sample collection of corporate headshots for a local branch of a national company.Corporate headshots shows your team, shows your clients, shows your future hires how much you value your team.

As well as small local businesses...



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Team Headshots are a way to offer the equivalent of the Headshot Express package to a team of 2 or more, up to a quick and efficient headshots for up to 40 people a day, in a way that is convenient to your organization, with total cost efficiency, either in our studio in Bellevue, or at your location.

  • B2C and B2B service businesses: Help build trust in from your clients to your team
  • From 3 to 100+ people: Corporate headshots can be run over multiple days and locations, with consistency
  • With major location on the eastside or downtown Seattle: Mixing on-location and studio shoot helps keep your corporate headshot database up to date.
  • Headshots that your team will actually like, will help with employee morale
  • On-location and In-studio or both (with maintained consistency)
  • Consistency over time and shoot location, and with your branding guidelines
  • Photo delivered to your specifications
  • Real high quality photography that highlight the personalities of your team
  • A workflow that is tailored to your needs

Pricing has 2 components: a setup fee when on location and an individual headshot rate. Setup fee varies based on location and number of consecutive days. Individual headshot rate starts at $129/ea

The following prices are based on a half-day, mid-week, regular hours photoshoot and a 2 to 7 business days images delivery.

Setup Fee/day:

Folrev Photography Studio

Local Eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish)



$0 $299 $399 Contact Us

2 to 6 people (consecutive sessions)

Similar to a Headshot Express session, each session includes:

  • Subject coaching
  • Up to 25 minutes total per subject
  • On-site Selection by the subject
  • One fully edited headshot image each


2 People $465
3 People $635
4 People $810
5 People $950
6 People $1090

7 to 12 people (consecutive sessions)


  • Subject coaching
  • 10 to 15 minutes total per subject
  • Online sign up form
  • On-site Selection by the subject
  • One fully edited headshot image each


7 People $1055
8 People $1200
9 People $1345
10 People $1490
11 People $1635
12 People $1780

13-24 people (consecutive sessions)


  • Subject coaching
  • Up to 10  minutes total per subject
  • Online sign up form
  • Individual proof galleries
  • One Color corrected headshot image each


13-25 People, each $129


Options: edited images $20/image

25+ people (consecutive sessions)

Please contact us with a detailed description.

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Although Team Headshots are very important to your brand, they may still be the cheapest part of your marketing and branding effort!

Be trustworthy to your clients

Corporate headshots are a tool that will instill confidence and trust in your potential clients. These clients will see someone who is professional, competent, and approachable. It will humanize your executive team or put a face on a client’s phone contact. It will reassure your clients about meetings with your team, either in your offices or even more importantly in their home.        

Support your brand

Your branding is all about consistency. Why would team headshots be any different?  We will bring consistency where it matters: in professionalism and style (color theme, backdrop, crop…), while still showcasing individualities in your team. Corporate photos are not like high school yearbook photos, but they should nonetheless celebrate the diverse individual personalities that compose your team. Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1580Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1580Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1580

Boost employee morale

Sharing your team’s Corporate headshots on your website is a good way to make your team feel valued and recognized for what they bring to the company. It not only sends a strong message to your current employees but to future ones too. It is important for employees to feel that their headshot accurately represents who they are in a positive way.

Professional service for professional clients

With Folrev Photography, you deal with one photographer for consistency:  an experimented headshot photographer who has worked with clients ranging from startups to large corporations, who understands your constraints and will work around them to consistently provide the quality images you need.  

We bring our studio to your location

The quality of a photo is based on the photographer and the quality of the lighting, so we’ll bring our best photographer plus soft and flattering studio lights to your office. From our experience, dynamic, interactive sessions are far more satisfying for you, so you will be encouraged to view the images in real time on a screen and discuss the coaching and tips offered by the photographer.

Folrev Photography-3075Folrev Photography- Corporate Headshot Of course, when you finally manage to schedule everyone in your office the same day, the last thing you’d want is a photoshoot being interrupted because of equipment failure. Worry not! Like in our studio, we keep backups for every critical component on hand.

On location shoots are available throughout the Puget Sound and beyond for business & corporate headshot projects.

Customized to your needs

You manage your brand, you know exactly what you want! Do you need one or two images per person? How do you like to crop the images? Do you prefer color or black & white? Do you need a color back drop? We are here to discuss and do our best to meet your needs.

In-Studio supplemental session

We can provide supplementary sessions for those you may have missed the main event, or new employees, etc. in our Issaquah studio, maintaining the same look and the same needs as the main on-location shoot. This should make your life easier (no clearing up a room needed!) and cheaper!

Educational opportunity

Folrev Photography-Corporate Headshot - WomanFolrev Photography-Corporate Headshot - Woman A political candidate’s headshot is the best single predictor of an election with about 70% accuracy. 1/10th of a second is the time required to make a complex judgement on a person based on their headshot, and judgement based on headshots remains the same even after a 20-minute face-to-face interaction.

With every corporate headshot session, you can setup a 10-20 min training on the importance of profile pictures based on the last 15 years of scientific research.