Family Portrait on location in KirklandFamily Portrait on location in Kirkland On-Location Photography

A photo session “on location”, whether indoor or outdoor, is the opportunity to capture who you are in a natural and relaxed way, in a setting you enjoy.  An on-location session can take place in your own home, a local park, your favorite spot on the beach, in town or on a boat, or anywhere you love to be.

We’ll use multiple spots in the location, and minimize the formal and stiff posing, looking instead for natural, candid moments, and great expressions.

Family photography

Lifestyle Portrait of a Mom and her children at her home in SeattleLifestyle Portrait of a Mom and her children at her home in Seattle For families, you’re encouraged to plan “fun” activities for your session, incorporating little things that are special to your family… baking cookies, lounging in bed,  having a tickle fight, shopping, blowing bubbles, playing music, enjoying a sunset on the beach, or simply having fun in the backyard. 

A typical session lasts between 45 to 75 minutes (and can go up to 4 hours!) which leaves plenty of time to meet with the rest of the family, have fun, but also take breaks, ore incorporate outfit changes if needed.

Senior photography

For Seniors, On-location photography is the opportunity to do something more personal, something that resembles you. You may prefer a more urban, gritty look to your images or choose a waterfront environment. Perhaps you may choose a park Senior Portrait in KirklandSenior Portrait in Kirkland with trees and flowers, or a soccer field, or... The possibilities are endless. Portrait sessions on location last at least one hour and can go up to 3 hours, with no restrictions in term of outfit changes or sub locations.

We also offer a combined session with a studio session where we can focus on your formal clothing, followed by an outdoor, more relaxed photo session in Issaquah. 


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