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Folrev Photography studio.

A photography session in our studio offers a convenient, weather-independent solution for your portrait needs. Children Portrait in StudioChildren Photo in Studio Perfectly located 2 blocks away from Microsoft Main campus in Redmond, and 2 blocks away from Crossroads mall in Bellevue, in an office building, surrounded by a park.

Compared to outdoor photography, a studio also offers some different opportunities in term of style provided by a perfectly controlled lighting and a choice of backdrops, with more options for dynamic poses.

In addition it is typically more comfortable to pose for pictures in a studio, without grabbing the attention of all the park goers (especially with the men and the 13-18 y.o. population).

It's also easier to change outfits :)

Children Portraits and Family Photography

Children and family studio sessions are 30 to 90 minutes and may include anywhere from one child to all immediate or extended family members. This allows for a variety of poses and some candid shots, depending on the number of people.

Senior Photography

Senior pictures studio session will last 45 to 90 minutes to allow for clothing changes and different light setups for different moods.  Senior Portrait with the US flag - Kirkland, WASenior Portrait with the US flag - Kirkland, WA

Because our studio is in a park, your session may include some outdoor shots, in nature or in a urban setting.


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