Business Portrait showing the environmentBusiness Portrait showing the environmentA business portrait can show business partners together.

Business Portraits

An entrepreneur portrait at work - An entrepreneur portrait at work This portrait helps position the subject as the leader of a tech startup. A business portrait is one medium of story telling you and your business can use. While a headshot is about creating an instant and immediate emotional connection with your subject, a business portrait is about feeding that connection by giving visual clues about who you are, what you stand for, what your work is about, etc.


A business portrait is rarely used in isolation, but in conjunction with other images, with text (stories, legends...), and even short videos to help illustrate your personal brand. Portrait of an artistPortrait of an artistBusiness portraits are not limited to business people, and is often used by creative people to show the subject with one of her creation.


When you need something more than a headshot, the solution may be a solo (or small team) business portrait, one that will support your brand and will enrich your story.


You may use your business portrait in addition to a headshot on your website, on your marketing material, on a publication, in your blog/social media posts, etc., but not on linkedin or any other place where a headshot is expected.


Business portraits are photographed on location, generally in the work environment of the subject, but not exclusively.

Business Portrait - Personal Branding - SusanBusiness Portrait - Personal Branding - SusanA Business Portrait session is the opportunity to create multiple images to support your personal branding!

If your headshot is the essence of your brand (your logo), your story (and the visual illustrations that are the business headshot) is an expression of your brand.

  • Business professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, elected (or soon to be) officials who want to build a portfolio of business appropriate image of themselves for their communication,
  • Publication ready images, press releases, magazine covers, brochure, etc.,
  • Custom Website content and social media content.
  • A solution that is custom made for your needs,
  • A large choice of images,
  • In studio (incl. with "green screen" technology) or on location,
  • A business professional approach from start to finish.

There’s no one-solution-fit-all. Please contact us to discuss your story and needs, and we will get you a quote. Business owners typically spend between $700 and $1500 on a business portrait.

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"I was fortunate to have Pierre do work for me recently and could not have been more delighted with the results. His eye for detail and ability to translate my concepts into a finished product was surprisingly accurate. I recommend Pierre for any job requiring a creative and artful approach to photography."  Deeena Ennis.


A chef in his kitchenA chef in his kitchenA minimally staged business portrait help create a more honest, "real" portrait.