Choosing the right clothes for your headshot

The clothing you wear is an expression of your personality and of your personal brand. People do actually judge the book from the cover or as said in French: "the robe does make the monk".  My recommendation for selecting your outfit is to make them as simple as possible while maintaining your personal style, and bring at least one additional outfit! 

► Bring clothes you like
► Start simple with a shirt or blouse, then add layers.
► Avoid patterns, brands and text as they may be distracting. Solid colors are preferable.
► Bring a few changes of clothing. For actors, you may bring an additional couple outfits that will match the type of roles you are looking for.
► Be sure your clothes are fully ironed before the session, and bring changes of clothes on coat-hangers to avoid undoing the ironing. Wrinkles in garments are tough and too expensive to edit out. 
► Covering your shoulders will make you look thinner. Long sleeves generally look better than short.
► Black and dark colors tend also to make you look thinner, bolder colors will make you look... bolder.
► Red may sometime age you
► Avoid pure white (that's for brides :) )
► Avoid Light or vivid green that would make you look sick
► Simplify your jewelry, No jewelry is even better. (remove it completely for talent headshots)

For Business Headshots, dress as you would dress for a very important meeting. Also bring at least one different outfit.

If needed you may work an Image Consultant that will assist you in finding the perfect outfit for you for this occasion and beyond!

Please bring at least 2 different, suitable outfits!