Children Portraits


Photographing children is very rewarding, and as a father of three, Pierre has taken more than his fair share of photos of his children. With your cell phone or maybe your dSLR, you probably also enjoy capturing these moments too, considering them as a priceless reminder of a time that can never be reversed. 

Photo collage -Kids in a flour battlePhoto collage -Kids in a flour battleClick to access our portfolio!

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As a professional photographer, Pierre can bring something different to your collection. As an outsider to your family, he will have a different perspective, but also spur spontaneity in nonchalant teenagers or cooperation from a reluctant child, while making sure portraits of your children will reflect who they are at this moment of their life.  He would also bring a sense of detail and composition to make images dynamic and refined. Pierre will add his editing skills to make the images worthy to display not only on your phone, but in your home as well.
Research has shown that hanging pictures of your children on the wall will subtly reinforce their feeling of self-worth and the love you have for them, especially on those bad days at school. However, the real reason my clients choose to suspend portraits of their children is that they love them! 

We’ll begin with a conversation that lets us get to know each other, where Pierre can learn about your children's personalities. This is all about them and who they are, after all. We’ll design a session that will make your children's personalities shine, while having fun.
We will go the extra mile to make the session engaging for your children like in this session (above) where we set up the studio so we could shoot a flour battle with these kids who loved baking.

We can also think of something more unique, like a portrait that tells the story of this very busy 10-year old, in one image:

   Kirkland Photographer - Child portrait with multiple clonesKirkland Photographer - Child portrait with multiple clones
Or we can integrate children photography into a family portrait.
During the session, we actively encourage the kids to get involved to get unique images.
Within a couple weeks after the session, we will review together the images of your children, and you’ll choose how you want to display and how you want to share them. We offer photographic products that are ready to enjoy!
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