Family Portraits


There are many reasons to have a family portrait: Family reunions, Mother's day gifts, family events, family milestones, etc. All these reasons could be summarized by “to celebrate your family," or just because you are worth it! No matter if the family is as small as a single parent and a child or as big as 2 grand-parents, their children, in-laws and their 14 grandchildren.

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There is more to creating a family portrait than just calling a studio and making an appointment with the receptionist to go have your picture taken. Sure it can be done with chain portrait studios, or with a "mini 15-min session" in a park of your photographer's choice, but are you really going to get the family portrait that will celebrate your family for what it is worth to you? Probably not. 
We want you to get your family portrait the way you envision it.

Most family sessions include children portraits. Don't forget to check out our "Children photography" page too!

Whether you like an image that puts emphasis on the people in the comfort of a studio, or you prefer being on-location for some dramatic backgrounds that are significant to you (in a park, in your garden, in your house, in town...), we will provide family portraits that will highlight the relations within your family.
We’ll begin with a conversation that lets us get to know each other and understand your goals. For example, we’ll discuss whether you want or need to make it quick, or on the other hand, if you’d like something more like a day in a life. We’ll cover location(s) and dressing/styling, but more importantly, we’ll discuss what makes your family unique, and use this to prepare a photo session that is unique to you. This will be the time to discuss the combination of a family portrait with a child portrait, or a family portrait with a pet portrait, or any possible combination.

Research shows that displaying family portraits has a positive impact on the family by strengthening familial bonds. Of course this research is only valid if for those who actually display their family pictures. 
That's why a few days after a stress-free photo session, we’ll review the images we made together on a big screen, and you’ll choose how you want to display and share them.

"I just picked up my prints and canvases from my family's photo shoot with Folrev Photography and I couldn't be happier. They turned out beautifully. Pierre accommodated my busy schedule to book the photo shoot and had them done in a timely manner. He was very patient with my two year old son and kept it fun and engaging for him as well. I would definitely recommend getting your photos done here!"

Rachel Mullins

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