How to make most out of your headshot session with us

(If you haven't booked your session yet, please check this page with booking information and a portfolio.)

I recommend that you begin preparations at least couple of days before your session. Properly preparing yourself will reduce your stress so you’ll get a better experience, and better results!.

Before the Session

a. Know your Goal(s)

The first thing I am going to ask you when we meet for the session is : "What is your goal for today?" When we reach a shared understanding, it will be easier for both of us to work together to reach that goal. It's a good idea to check my portfolio to decide the kind of backdrop you like best.

b. Work on your look.

Obviously, headshot day is not just another day. You need to tune up your look: 

When you think about how to dress, think about how successful people in your industry are dressing, and adapt it to your personality! And bring different options!

Folrev Photography-9009Glasses are generally not a problem in headshotsGlasses are generally not a problem in headshots :)


If you wear glasses, be sure that I know how to use light to minimize the reflections, and most of the time it'll be just fine. It depends on the glasses themselves. If you're concerned with possible reflections, please check with your optician to borrow/adapt a frame without lenses for your headshot session. And Don't forget your glass cleaner/favorite soft cloth




For make-up, there are two fundamental rules:  Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1386Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1386Bellevue-Eastside Portrait photography - 1386

  1. Less is better
  2. If you are not sure, let a pro do it for you!

(no make-up for men, please)

Try to have your hair styled shortly before the session by your favorite hair dresser, and bring your favorite hair brush and hairspray.


Come well rested!Have your haircut done about one week before your headshot sessionHave your haircut done about one week before your headshot session. But come well rested!


c. Come well rested

No practice needed here! Just relax! But make sure you have a light healthy meal and a good full night of sleep the night before. It will make your skin look much better, and the session more pleasant!



Throughout your Headshot Session

► This is a collaborative and fun process where we share the same goals. So, follow my lead, even if I may sound silly. Trust me, I will! But I guarantee I know the most effective poses and the ones that will work best with the shape of your face, for what we want to accomplish.
► Don’t force your smile. People will notice the awkwardness of it... Don't worry- you will smile naturally!
► Music is a well known stress reliever. We have online radios and a Bluetooth sound system. Ask for the music you prefer during your session in the studio, or even better bring your own music on your cell phone! 
► Relax! Your headshot session will be fun.

At the end of the session

As soon as the photo shoot is done, we will review the images together and it will be the time to discuss again what you are especially self-conscious about:

► On the images you order, I edit out anything temporary like blemishes or other similar skin problems, I soften the skin a bit, and I whiten the teeth slightly. However I don't typically edit out anything that is part of your personality. Regardless, make sure you have this discussion with me, it is a normal discussion to have.
► If you're in acting or modeling, be aware that casting directors will want to see a truthful representation of yourself.



► I spend a significant amount of time editing your headshot, so  please allow at least 48 hours to receive your photos). If you want major photo editing work done, expect a longer delivery time. If you need your picture urgently, make sure to discuss this at time of booking.
► Your edited photos will be delivered either by email or via a a downloadable web gallery (depending on the volume) all in electronic format.


Hopefully, these tips will help you prepare for your time in front of my camera, and will make your experience more pleasant and relaxed!

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