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Get an Express professional headshot in the comfort of our state-of-the-art studio in a streamlined 30 minutes session

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For a guy that doesn't enjoy getting his picture taken I am really happy with the professional head shots produced by Pierre from Folrev Photography in Issaquah. I really enjoyed the smart, evidence based process that Pierre follows for effective head shots and it was fun!
Marc R. (Google)


This is perfect for your Linkedin profile picture. It's short and simple for those who want time efficient, high-quality service with one look, at a discounted rate! It can be sum up by:

  • One outfit,
  • One setup,
  • One half-hour of your time
  • Help from your photographer choosing photos that works best for you
  • People who would like to refresh their headshot, and are comfortable in front of a camera: you'll get a quality update, fast.
  • Busy people who have hard time to find a 1-hour slot in their schedule: Get everything done in 30 minutes!
  • Job seekers, people in transition: A budget option that will make your job hunt easier.
  • People who don't like their current headshot: A safe way to test the service of a true expert at a price of a photographer.
  • One modern, fully edited headshot that looks like you and that you'll love
  • Impactful image(s) that will make a strong, durable first impression,
  • Everything done in less than 30 minutes, 

And also:

  • Great, fun, experience in our professional studio,
  • Tethered camera to a computer for a more efficient coaching,
  • photo shoot followed by a 1-1 time with the photographer for image selection
  • As little as three or less business days turnaround for the finished images,
  • You only buy the images you want,
  • Convenient location and free parking.

The investment in a Headshot Express session is $170 + sales taxes.
Each processed image, provided with 3 different crops, in color and B&W is $85+taxes

Online booking is Required.

If you are uncomfortable in front of a camera,  would like to be able to try out multiple outfits, want different images for different purposes, have specific requirements, need different cropping, want to use a different backdrop, have urgent turnaround needs, want the option of a proofing gallery to review the images with someone else, please check our professional headshot Unlimited offer here.

If you are looking for headshots for multiple people in your company or team, please check out our Team Headshots page.



Book your Headshot online now!