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Welcome to our Online Booking option for Headshots.

We ask that you please reschedule at least 2 business days before the beginning of your appointment or you may loose your deposit.

The booking is handled by Fresha on new window.

If you don't find the option you are looking for here or if you need a session during a weekend, please contact us!

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Please check here for more information on Headshot Express

BOOK A Headshot EXPRESS session (30 min - $170)


Please check here for more information on Professional Headshot Unlimited

BOOK a Headshot UNLIMITED session (90 min - $325)


For Indidvidual Headshots, click on the links above for more information.  check here for more information on Team Headshots ; 

BOOK a Headshot for Business Clients (1-12 people) in Studio



What should I do to be ready for the day?

First, relax! then, please have a look at some guidelines to get ready and maximize your experience.

I don’t like pictures of me. I don’t like to be photographed. Can you do something about it?

If that's the case, don't worry, you're not alone! Most people feel the same way. But I promise we'll make it a fun and productive session, and you'll love the final result. Just trust me, and we'll create some amazing photos together!

Why do you cut the top of the head of your subject?

In my portfolio, I like to showcase faces up close to bring focus to the eyes. However, during the actual session, I photograph your entire head and shoulders. When you purchase your photos, you'll receive three different crops to choose from, including a tighter crop that highlights your eyes without being too "in your face" and 2 more "traditional" crops.

Are all your headshots in the studio?

Yes, studio photography is ideal for headshots because it allows us to move quickly, control the lighting, and check images on a large screen. Plus, it's a climate-controlled environment, so we'll stay cool in the summer and dry the rest of the year. However, if you're interested in a different look, we offer "Headshot Performance Session" or "Business Portrait" options.

How does your session work?

First, we'll discuss your goals for the session and select your outfit(s). Then, we'll make any necessary lighting adjustments and I'll guide you on how to pose and relax. We'll take several shots and review them together until you have the perfect selection of headshots.

What does the session fee include?

The session fee covers coaching, photography, and assistance with selecting your final images. Each retouched traditional headshot costs $85 ; other retouched images cost $125/ea.

The images look great as they are. Can I get the unedited images? Free?

Unfortunately, no. Our priority is providing consistent, outstanding quality, and offering unedited images (even for a fee) is not compatible with that. But don't worry, we'll make sure you're completely happy with the final, edited images!

How many headshots do people typically get?

Most people usually get between 2 and 5 headshots depending on their goals and the session they choose. But don't worry, there's no obligation to buy.

Can I get black and white images?

Yes! For each headshot you purchase, you will receive both a color and black and white version.

Should I hire a makeup artist?

It's generally a good idea for women, especially if you consistently wear sophisticated makeup at work (actors, public speakers, etc.). However, it's not critical. Whether you do your own makeup or have a professional do it for you, keep it light and natural.

How long is the “Headshot Express” session?

The session typically lasts 30 minutes. It may take a bit longer if you wear glasses, or be shorter if you have time constraints.

How long is the “Headshot Unlimited” session?

The session usually lasts between 90 minutes to two hours, with most sessions taking about one hour. This includes time for clothing changes, reviewing your images, and selecting your favorite shots.

What is the difference between “Headshot Unlimited” and “Headshot Performance”?

"Headshot Performance" is an extension of "Headshot Unlimited" that offers portrait images taken in both the studio and the park just outside. As a result, it lasts a bit longer. "Headshot Performance" also offers the option, under certain conditions, of a proof gallery if you need a review by your agent, coach, or loved one before making a call.

Why can't I book a Business Portrait/Branding session online?

These sessions are typically environmental and require more planning, and the pricing structure is different too. That's why we first start with a free consultation that you can book online now!

What's your role in picking the right headshot?

Your headshots are YOUR headshots, and because of this, YOU will choose your headshots. However, as the photographer, I will assist you in making the process efficient and by "reading" what the "candidate headshots" say about you.

How do I select the right headshot photographer?

Viewers will judge you in just 100 milliseconds when they see your headshot, so it's essential to choose a photographer with a consistent portfolio that shows a range of faces, not just pretty model faces. For each of those faces, ask yourself if you would want to chat with them, if they look confident, strong, professional, if they connect with you, if they look authentic, and if they bring a smile to your face. Remember, a headshot is about eyes and facial expressiveness and not about the outfit, makeup artist's talent, or photographer's creativity.

I am looking forward to working you soon :)